Friday, October 05, 2018

Anna May Wong to Constance Wu?

(Constance Wu)

(October 3, 2018) 10AM - The Hagfish McConnell more haggy than before - ornamented by a shiny well coiffed ornamental oriental - wife Elaine Chao goddess of a new white enterprise (ornaments for Summer) Crazy Rich Asians. About to come on view - here comes Constance Wu, the too old to know-nothing like five-year old Shirley Temple with a charming adult vocabulary she plays - Fresh Off the Boat - is Eddie Huang’s phrase? - wha’hap to David Henry Hwang’s F. O. B.? Season 5 of Fresh Off the Boat? - the new generation of Hollywood pets - remember Lucy Liu the ‘yellow beauty’ on the lawyer show whose glance leaves men shuddering. She has a new show on CBS now. Then there was Bai Ling as Michael Wincott’s evil sister in Brandon Lee’s last performance in the 1994 movie The Crow. And down down to an adult dumb as child actor five yr old Shirley Temple who talks like a big person. A long long long way down from Sessue Hayakawa coming back to Hollywood that had shit on him, to boost Anna May Wong to first billing and the first eye to eye lusty acting between electric yellows in 1930’s Daughter of the Dragon.

(Eddie Huang)

Why do Asian American scholars and movie makers and historians not ask why? Why, Hayakawa, a Jap, did what he did for a chink? Was he that anxious to press his Jap lips on her Chinese lillies that he agreed to return to the scene of his humiliation? Or was the anxiety in Anna May Wong’s Lips?

(Sessue Hayakawa and Anna May Wong)

The Bessie Loo’s deal with the devil of the movies MGM’s Irving Thalberg to play Chinese in the movie of Pearl Buck’s The Good Earth issued in 1937. From 1930 Sessue Hayakawa and Anna May Wong to 1968 Irene Tsu fighting off the lips of an uncredited yellow in the uniform of a North Viet officer, as Jack Soo’s kidnapped wife in the John Wayne directed movie The Green Berets.

Does Sessue Hayakawa’s lips ever seal a kiss with Anna May Wong’s luscious reds in Daughter of the Dragon? One must see the movie, a picture is worth a thousand words, says the paper in the fortune cookie.

Why do yellows tell the white man’s story of Yellow America, and none of their own Yellow stories of Yellows around the world to America? In 1999, does President Clinton have reasons other than the literary cultural anthropological accomplishments of Maxine Hong Kingston in creative writing in mind, when he awards her his President’s humanities medal? Does the President have Chinese-American advisers at the time of his decision? Advisors in Chinese literature? The Chinese know the Chinese lit Americans know/ Thanks to John Service of Wild Bill Donovan’s OSS/ But the Americans don’t know the White American lit out in the world of what is written.

The Japanese are right. The Chinese originality ran out with the Manchu Qing Dynasty in 1911. New ideas in the mold of Confucius brewed and wormed in Japanese soil where it grows into Japanese who knows what?

In America the Japs are taken over the self-contempt and dependence on inferior Yellows and express themselves in ornamental contentless consciously faceless art of nothing for 150 years. Our cowardly devotion to white racism is proved in our lack of art. Thanks for nothing FDR, Clinton, Obama, Trump and all the Yellow Ornaments.


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