Monday, October 17, 2016

To the News?

Your Asian Activist writer with no visible or audible people to rouse, sends a letter via land-mail to Richard Louie the Yellow at the top of the Yellow newsheap. My how far we have fallen since the days Connie Chung good work as Rocky's shadow? Where, oh where, is the people, the magazines, the newspapers envisioned by Ken Kashiwahara, for an activist writer to shake up and make active? I'm still being read under the blankets by flashlight. Shame on us.

September 5, 2016

Richard Louie
NBC News,
30 Rockefeller Plaza,
New York, N.Y. 10112

Mr. Yellow Newsman:

All these Yellows doing the news abroad the land and not one with Yellow local news out of their mouth. Not a word from a Yellow newscaster on Trump linking Japs of Dec 7th 1941 with Muslim’s of 9/11. Bring back the camps! No reaction from the JACL or OCA? No notice of George Takei, Mr. Sulu of STAR TREK doing the story of his childhood in camp as a Broadway Musical in Trump’s New York.

Of course not a word, not one Yellow American word about Pres Clinton’s followed by Pres Obama’s bellow of hatred and contempt for China and it’s children’s stories by officially endorsing Maxine Hong Kingston’s lies about Far Mulan being tattooed by her parents at birth.
You claim to be the tops in Yellow news. Prove it, please.

Obama in Hangzhou, China “When I bring up issues like huaman rights there are some tensions there that don’t take place when President Xi meets with other leaders, but that's part of our job, that’s part of what we do.”

Obama stands out among world leaders, as first nation to announce its contempt for the Chinese children’s story by awarding Maxine Hong Kingston’s hate for her father and his culture by falsifying the life of the woman who inspired generations of women to fight for their homes. White racist readers were fooled to tears of pity for poor little Max.

White feminists were fooled into dancing the White racist delights mythic misogynist Chinese men. Yuck! White women cringe at the suggestion of touching the yellow skin of a Yellow man. But White men drool at the thought of licking the yelllow of a Yellow woman. Or hairless girl.

The Presiden’s Yellow men in tow could have known Kingston was a fake in 1988. That’s when Kay Bonnetti published her interview with Kingston in CONVERSATIONS WITH MAXINE HONG KINGSTON, by Maxine Hong Kingston, ed by Skenazy & Martin (U Press of Mississippi ).

Pres Clinton awarded Kingston his Humanities Medal in 1998. She badmouths her unnamed critics and describes her lifting the tattoos off of Yue Fei , a man’s back, from a famous story, of centuries later. The man, Yue Fei, is killed by the corrupt Song court, and China saved by his allies along the Yellow river, Liang Hongyu, a lady wrestler with a talent for strategy and tactics, and Mu Guiyinng the Shandong mountain bandit queen who becomes the Supreme Commander of the 7 Yang family armies, retires, and is recalled to lead the imperial army at 45 years old. Mei Lanfang, the creator of modern theatre Peking Opera was famous for the new operas he composed amd wrote, and his playing of female roles. He wrote and played MU GUIYING ASSUMES COMMAND. Other Lady Generals in the Far Mulan traditon are the Ming dynasty’s last general Chin Liangyu, and the three Shoong sisters Ai ling H. H. Kung (Kung Hsiang-Hsi) (who loved Money) Shoong Chingling, Mme Sun Yatsen (Who loved China) Shoong Meiling, Mme Chiang Kai shek (Who loved Power).

Pres Obama’’s Arts Medal to Maxine Hong Kingston 2105 -6 (?) was a thumbing of the USA’s nose at China. What do the medals for Kingston’s the American hatred for China and Chinese children’s stories accomplish? Is it some strategy for winning? Neither Churchill nor Franklin Roosevelt thought of trashing German fairy tales to bring Hitler to heel.

Please bring some Yellow honor to the shiny eyes of Yellow journalists glistening like rhinestones doing on the news round the country.


Frank Chin
Frank Chin is your father’s generation, Son.