Monday, September 05, 2016

Toward the End

Calvin & those following the writing and unwriting of the novel ANIMALS ON THE ROAD-

The last few days have shaped a story of White people against all people of color and insisting the Whites are not White racist.

I see the end of the novel writing itself toward the end that will recall the real and the fake eyes on Kwan Kung in cans in Cuba.

Between then and now I have raised the probability Mei Lanfang the creator modern 20th century Peking Opera was more than a randy homosexual female impersonator. I pin him in cities with aircraft plants. Modern fighter planes seem to follow him in steps across Europe and Russia. He landed in Seattle and China had 12 Boeing G P-26A all metal lowing monoplane fighter planes bought as farm equipment. China can’t admit to anything an American Chinaman discovers. Asian American scholars ask Mei who? What? And forget what they never knew or read or hear about in their circle of the best minds in the house.


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