Monday, July 15, 2019

A Poison in Asian America?

Ken Narasaki to Frank Chin:

"You, who were once a life force that helped spawn so many Asian American theater artists have now become a poison determined to kill your fellow artists because they are not you.”

Frank Chin's reply:

Narasaki is wrong. I am not poison to artists who are not me. I am a reader who can tell the difference between John Okada and a student of a White racist creative writing teacher, or a stranger stealing another’s work.


Why do I say the people-

Literature – the Triad of Lit life - The Writer – The Critic - The people written by the Writer- In America: The people don’t exist without a publication, a newspaper, a magazine, a radio-tv station, a channel, a market radius.

The Jews that made every conversation conscious of the Jewish history, humor, and art, whew! All the arts, a Jew was there, the artist, or the model. Always in the background: a target. There were many that helped me get my plays up, in New York. A couple have become my friends in art and old memories.

Think of the Ten Concentration Camps as neighborhoods of a city in America. Look at all busts and monuments in front Government Bldgs to the JACL and Minoru Yasui as champions of Nisei Civil Rights. Goering in jail at Nuremberg said 50 years from now (1945) every. German home will have little statues of Herman Goering. German homes don't, US Government bldgs in the Denver part of town have statues and busts and friendship with Norman Moneta got the Secretary of Transportation (January 25, 2001 – August 7, 2006) a monument to his brother-in-law, Mike Masaoka, on the same ground as the Vietnam Wall.

Atchison, Topeka, & Santa Fe 3751 4-8-4 Northern – through Bakerslfield- tumbleweeds piling against the wire of fences between the freeway paralling the track first then I’m looking at - through Bakersfield- San Bernardino-Arroyo Saco Bridge – I know that Bridge – I recognize that sound of the beast spreading like butter over the sleeping two story houses-1991 California ltd -

The story of civilization is the weaponization of God & Government modernizing with law and separating from lawless the country folk-

Tara Finkle - calling the Aiiieeeee! boys "controversial" is the white scholars way of saying Aiiieeeee! is alive and beating blood, and white American Academy Scholarship on Asia is dead- and always has been. If they were ever alive, they would have started with the way children are taught-

Thanks to Tara Finkle and the UW Press Catalog that comes to me in the mail, I am reminded that a Chinaman's first introduction to the world, is his mother, and the presence of her father that come together with a tickle, and a story as parents.

A story for the kid. That is the first animal instinct toward the Tao - the Road. The University of Hawaii Press is the only teller of children's stories from Asian and Asian American storytellers.

The spokesman, for the writer - editors of Aiiieeeee!, Shawn Wong, a drag racer, a poet, a novelist and teacher and prof at UW, declares the personal and the literary reps on the yellow authenticity of yellow people’s children's stories told in the manuscript "Stories for Sam."

I hope to pop up in a tour of kids from the Wing Luke Museum, out of a door of Panama Hotel storefront-

Children of the world. Are you brave? I am a storyteller. With your parents’ permission, may the storyteller, tell you, a story for brave children? Hmmmm?

Shawn, I've done told stories to kids at the Panama twice for TCG, and on the street with Betsy and Jan Johnson, and a restauranteur whose card I left in a book - on the edges of the mob of little people and their white Wing Luke guides.

I also told stories to Betty Lau's ESL class in Mandarin and Cantonese with a white genius and his smart and protective sister enrolled as students at the Chong Wa Hall - I met with the parents of the students and am surprised to learn the parents remember you from their days as students at UW. The kids you teach grow up, have kids of their own, who grow a little.

They say they find nothing objectionable in my storytelling.

Simply put. Real Asian American Lit begins with real Asian American writers, telling real Asian-American children's stories, and in the 21st century, why. White man! Clinton, Obama, Trump you white racist Christian insistent quacks for humanity, art and the great white way.

Light bulbs for George Takei on Broadway go on and buzz, but refuse to glow.

On Stephen Colbert Tonight - Headline Donny Duck - tonight: Entrepreneur Andrew Yang the Chinese running for Pres - the reminder to Donald Duk - coincidence? Yes- pure accident- Colbert and Chinese Yang (born Jan 1975 - 1978 he's 3 years old) from New York - Brown & Columbia - where the fast stalking Yang Gang never heard of Donald Duk. Of course, Colbert's refs to pooping in the sink on TV - is not a coded signal to fans of PA being the first Chinaman to poop on a New York Stage - Yellows in the audience see, I would like to say, witness. Bu the Yellows in the audience of a white theatre (but not white racist) are shy or fuming like Betty Lee Sung, or some other excuse for Yellow silence.

Randall Duk Kim is an actor who leads – his acting – trained in Shakespeare the English moralist- and Shakespeare the English theatre training – (be true to yourself) Hegel the German philosopher says – Chinese have no zeitgeist – no artistic soul -no national identity – no Shakespeare Randy's acting with the motley cast made me forget I wrote I watch as if it's a family like mine – I see and react like a monster – I can test myself through actors acting the dark I don't know that scares me –

You can't write a man better than yourself – but Shakespeare tries -the Chinese Confucius is no Shakespeare – I had a Shakespeare & Burbage writer & actor moment with Barton Heyman, seen now and then as a Solomon-like judge on law& order- Randy complains about the changes I write every day. The cast complains. Randy adjusts and his concentration affects and leads the cast to the best of their ability. I write a play about Chinatown I see in 1976. I write a play forget I wrote, and want to know randy to show me, better than me.

There’s no beyond nirvana, thus sayeth the Buddha- stuff it, says Monkey – in "The Journey to the West" the west is India. Monkey is blackmailed by Buddha in the Tang Dynasty to go to India, and come back with the Diamond Sutra with the magic to save the Tang.

YANG KUEI FEI – YANG GUIFEI - simplified Chinese: 杨贵妃; traditional Chinese: 楊貴妃; pinyin: Taoist nun name Taizhen (太真), was known as one of the Four Beauties of ancient China. She was the beloved consort of EMPEROR XUANZONG was the seventh emperor of the Tang Dynasty in China reigning from 713 to 756 CE During his later years he falls in love with the concubine Yang Guifei’s fatass, and condemns the court poet to Hunan province (the Siberia of Dynastic China) for a jealous concubine’s misstatement of Li Po’s admiration.

His reign of 43 years was the longest during the Tang dynasty.

In the Ming, the anonymous author reveals himself as wu cheng en, and writes an insert between the chapters of monkey becoming the king hell with the view of all the bad guys of time – and the guys condemned to hell by bad emperors. And the chapter of Monkey after messing up Buddha’s hell – the we Cheng en insert purports to tell what mischief Monkey performed in hell.

As the king of hell, Monkey who lives in a story of saving the Tang 618 -907 ad – summons the executioner who killed Yue Fei, in the future Southern Song Dynasty (960 and lasted until 1279) Monkey summons from the future, Yue Fei, and invites him to wine and Char Ngau and relax with the King of Hell and enjoy the unending torture of the emperor's prime ministers' dirty hands. Yue Fei politely returns to his future in hell. A perfect gentleman farmer, like Frank Emi who impresses all as perfectly dressed and radiates integrity- wearing a hairy gunny sack- Yue Fei, like Emi is kind of judo prude that makes him a strategist on instinct – and a great strategist with great teachers. Yue Fei, like Frank Emi, likes friendly competitions- to test himself- he refuses to fall for the emperor's son, who draws a weapon in a bout to be fought bare hands and bare feet- Frank Emi is known for throwing a white man, Hakujin, who called him a Jap boy, at the Emi family roadside farm stand – Frank Emi is on his way to a network of grocery stores, allied with his brother Arthur who could be dressed in the latest tailored designer suit and impress the onlooker as a farmer in a gunny sack. One truck to the L. A. wholesale farmers market – two stores -in two prime locations – December 7, 1941 poofed that dream.

George Takei has faked the arrest of Frank Emi as a chase uniformed soldiers with rifles and the blades of bayonets extending from the muzzles. Ending with Frank Emi tearfully saying, "I surrender." Which is a line from George Takei's role as a Japanese officer trying to capture the president's wife. Eleanor Roosevelt, on her visit to a front line in the pacific, marine unit. Commanded by Robert Conrad in an episode of "baa baa black sheep" or "blacksheep squadron" starring Robert Conrad, and the F4U corsair with the gullwing – known as the silent death by the Japanese on the ground – the real Frank Emi answers a knock on the door that opens, out, not in like front door of an apartment. An FBI man, with no gun or knife in his hands, and a man from the JACL. Frank Emi is dressed in a dark suit and tie. He gets in the backseat of a dark car, with the FBI man. Another FBI man stops waiting in the front seat and puts the car in gear and drives out of camp Heart Mt. that's the account of events from the FBI agents and the agents who read and released the reports to the army g-2, naval intelligence.

Yue Fei is about to launch an allied attack on the Jin capital when he is charged with treason and summoned to the emperor at Peking, arrested and thrown into the hands of the keeper of prisons with orders from the prime minister to kill Yue Fei. The keeper and his wife argue over how to profit from the death of Yue Fei.

The keeper of prisons and his wife are cast in iron, outside the tomb of Yue Fei - in his intro to his translation of Guan Cai of the Ging Dynasty novel (of Song Dynasty events) General Yue Fei - Tia Ling Yang, writes of pissing on the statues, as a 14-year-old kid with his father. Before entering the tomb of Yue Fei – become a temple by West Lake, in the city of Hangzhou, T.L. Yang is 14. Through one 12-year life cycle.

Randy Kim's Shakespeare company – generously taught and built an audience for Shakespeare and Milwaukee revived memories of Shakespeare wagoned in to rendezvous of the fur traders from the city and the trappers and Indians trading festival that combined with liquor results in the new American high-spirited word lashings leading to Davey Crockett & mike fink- putting their names to masters of the art of Shakespearizing every American turn of words.

It's not Randy's fault none of the students of his Shakespeare festival were yellow. From New York and Canada on west to Milwaukee, Wisconsin and west to Seattle along the lines of the Canadian notional and the northern pacific from Minnesota to the Pacific Northwest -

Why is the northern pacific yo-yo the symbol of the Tao on the sign of the N. P. hotel, next door to the panama hotel down the hill 6th ave?

Why not the railroad running further north, and funded by private money from St Paul Minnesota, James Hills great northern with the goat in a circle –

From east to west the peaceful divisions between Indian tribes and their hunting grounds, were white man speak with forked tongue - red man tricked away to prison camps called reserves in Canada. and reservations in the states.

The late 1880s hosts a number of Chinese and Japanese and the Mexicans working on three cross country railroads and there are the north -south lines, funded by a government or private the railroad is built with no respect for the tribal lands that are now railroad property.

Arminius the German raised as a hostage as a roman, who turned on the romans he was trained to be, and united the tribes the romans trained him to betray- Arminius who remained Herman the German, and led the tribes in wiping out Varus and his army of city boys used to marching in order in streets of cities stumbling over uneven ground and roots of trees in a spooky forest.

David Ishii got his ear for the Wagner circle of fat lady's with wings and horns on their helmets singing, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. his aunt moves to Wisconsin from Seattle to avoid the wartime fear and hatred of Japs. on the west coast. Milwaukee cheery with beer and the fat lady bellowing the end of Hitler’s favorite operas with a bang that's the music of happy brass – Leni Riefenstahl choreographed triumph of the will and Hitler dancing in the dark to Wagner.

might a black troupe of Shakespearean actors arrive at a rendezvous and trade festival by wagons in the 1850's? Shakespeare on wheels that are theaters on wheels, did perform Shakespeare’s hamlet, (a crowd favorite -) and Falstaff, a favorite Shakespeare character in henry iv part one and part two – leading to tall tales of and by Davey Crockett & mike fink,

Randy Kim’s Shakespeare company outside of Milwaukee is in territory where the tribe is split by the French Indian war north part of the tribe and the British and the southern part. the treaties before the revolutionary dismissed, by the white winners. Indians hold the bag. the white man cherishes and honors their past. the Indians want to. but the whites won't let them. what? the land in every direction groans with Shakespearean tensions.

Shakespeare teaches Raymond chandler how to use similes in detective yarns, and English patriots to see similes and metaphors as code. the most morally contemptible metaphor is Berthold Brecht’s, "good woman of Setzwhan."

Mao tolerates Brecht’s portrayal of life in Szechwan? Is Mao’s indifferent? Or does he read commie art? John’s. Service knows. Who's John’s. Service? The shadow knows! Heh. Heh. Heh.

unfortunately, the yellows of America can no longer tell an innocent commie ideological metaphor, from a white racist lie.

It's no accident the commie white racist hates the center of li Bing and 10,ooo prizes of war, moving a mountain, changing the course of a river and founding a civilization. setzwan, the Tao was first stated in four rivers country. say = Chinese word: four chern - however you spell the sound of the Chinese word for: rivers.

the river runs through Chengdu to the rice plains of Chengdu when Liu Pei and Kwan Kung and Jiang Fei Ride through Szechuwan and "borrow" Chengdu.

bad enough the white man uses his racist language to teach me the use of mine. but worse , is the worst. yellows in charge of Asian American studies at ucla- yuji ichioka, and founding editor of amerasia journal, russell leong have been correcting Asian American scholars with sparkles and shines for the truth of commie metaphor. and not a yellow phooey from a yellow scholar or

standup comic. not one.

Meantime: 20th century: royal Shakespeare company, London, and Laurence Olivier’s, movie , henry v with Falstaff , and color FX from a period theater to period reality of murals and paintings , a charge of knights in armor , clank on walking horses that thump into a trot then a snorting charge ( reminiscent of Sergei Eisenstein’s Alexander Nevsky) and back through time - again -Kenneth Branagh's movie of henry v .

June 27, 2019 - inspiration in ia cup- yan can cook- baiju -(bok jow Cantonese) -white clear spirits -wine -in Chengdu -

the 12 boys -and coach - rescued from an underwater cave in Thailand- June 28, 2018 - the site is a local tourist attraction – I was a housewife. than I saw how much money I would make selling tee shirts to tourists.

Japan- coal mines leave underground voids – that collapse – 50 years later – an island sinks – Tokyo is riddled with voids that will cave in, collapse – it’s only a matter of time -

Trump in Osaka joshes with Putin 'don't meddle in our elections." and both laugh- tonight in flight to south Korea -Trump sends Kim Jong un a love note, Doya want to meet at the 38th parallel? who is wooing who?

Marketplace storyteller – ah! children in the market- children in the street- are you brave?

(Aiiieeeee! presents – writers-and the works – that encompasses our experiential-educational -and our personal writerly opinion of Asian American literature – we are not critics)

Children are alarmed- challenged -

(The yellows don't ask why yellows have no critics - instead they form clubs of yellows in love with white power - and groups of no yellow content to ornament the white power , the pure ornamental oriental)

do you ….you brave children have your parents’ permission to hear the storytellers story, for brave children? the marketplace storyteller asks in pre-history – and today, to kids passing on the street, "do you brave children have your museum guides permission to hear a story?

The guides are reassured – the children group around each other and the guides -

The guides are Ron Chews legacy to Chinatown: the dropping of Chinese museum being dropped from the wing Luke Chinese museum, and replaced with with Asian museum - to be more inclusive – says Ron chew- the founding editor -publisher of local shopping news – the international examiner - whose classifieds ads are the money makers. notices announcing divorce actions and legal announcements meeting legal limits are buried.

Ron chew has been at war with ruby chow & ping chow and his opera Chinese who insist on Chinatown being called by the city of Seattle: Chinatown since 1954 -

Monday- July 1, 2019- Hong Kong – protesters storm legislative council bldg.- with hammers and sticks – break glass and enter state bldg. – 22 years – two Chinas- one system- doesn't work- no Hong Kong extradition to red china (as a Disney enterprise)- one month of protests -

Shawn- Aiiieeeee! takes the

high ground – we wanted to stimulate at dialogtwixt the writer & the people's knowledge - & the people – to kick ourselves in the literary constipation – and start art -

The dialog has started – let yellow lawyers fight penguin-random house-

Aiiieeeee! s concern is the dialog – yellow sources for yellow lit – whites enter china – in the 19th century – white lit is proof – meantime - moral  cultural diff twixt japan accepts and learns from -lafcadio hearn / white racist America dumps Nisei Toshio Mori who advances the form and writing of the old woman and her bun -

From James Omura we learned we were wrong about the author the daring young man on the flying trapeze- William Saroyan, meaning his calling Toshio Mori's writing naive – childish – as de-meaning – Omura invited Saroyan to dinner to talk over a book deal for Toshio Mori's collection of linked short stories. Omura invited Saroyan’s comments as praise for Toshio Mori's Zen Buddhist sense of simple essentials of common customs of a local community

Bill Neely- brit – never seen before -protest mass -(white man forgets Mao and his mad crowd - ) -

Come on- Shawn – get a meet with the yellow caucus - George Takei and Harvey Levin on TMZ- argue over the term "concentration camps" being applied to the Jap camps- Harvey for Jews who have a franchise on Jewish suffering being the only real suffering in concentration camps- - they're the only race designated a pariah by the entire white race – the Jews are so white racist about the white preciosity of their suffering compared to the Japs-

The intention of Shotarao Frank Miyamoto was the extinction on of the Jap race in America thru self-contempt that is going on in sf now, right now because of the Jews too snobbish to see- Hong Kong – and Maxine Hong Kingston the fake loved by whites for being stupid as the Jews say everybody else is. where did Shotaro Frank Miyamoto go mad? university of Washington – and the university of Chicago- they studied the same social Darwinist social science that Herman Goering uttered as the Nuremberg laws of 1935 scientifically reducing the Jew to a pariah - and the white licking names in the JACL- Sakamoto, Hosokawa, all come together in Mike Masaru Masaoka – in Miyamoto's 1939 masters theses - as the judenradt of the concentration camps coming with the come of war against Japan-

The JACL learned from the blacks and their civil rights group, the NAACP, not to form as a civil rights group- the organize as a "citizenship " group -

Lt Ehren Watada, , awaiting court martial, for refusing to be deployed to Iraq, at fort hood, Washington couldn't answer executive prod and anchor of the democracy now, Amy Goodman’s question about the difference between the no-no boys (of 1943) and the draft resisters of 1944.

He was brought before a court-martial in 2007 which ended in a mistrial; the army subsequently discharged him under "other-than-honorable-conditions" (OTH) in oath discharge is the least favorable type of administrative discharge from the army, and is reserved for a "pattern of behavior that constitutes a significant departure from the conduct expected of soldiers of the army

In other words: a disgrace to the army. a ripping epaulet off the shoulders, insignia off the collars, stripes off the sleeves and trousers and throwing them on the ground in public, but politely, on paper that must be shown at every job interview.

Watada, from Hawaii should have known the answer. but he didn't.

George is blowing the myth of George Takei rescuing the story of the concentration camps that got the cowardly leader of the camp resistance to the laws of allegiance, and he names him – he lies about Frank Emi, with a memorable line from one of George Takei's episodic TV scripts, not life or Frank Emi' s mouth.

And there is the nuisance of Ken Narasaki's bowdlerization of Okada's novel as a play the way Okada would have written it if he had lived to see what the Nisei achieved. the Nisei Sansei Yonsei seemed to say ok, he wrote wrong, Nakanishi is more Okada than Okada ever knew. too bad, even if Nakanishi is right, he is not John Okada.

Aiiieeeee! would appreciate a basic yellow understanding of literature as what is written, and when it is written, and who is the writer, or who are the writers, when it is written. Ken Nakanishi's attempts to convince Mits Koshiyama, a heart Mt resister, Mits was wrong and Okada was wrong with his magical personal powers and not logic of his senses is religion at its glassy shiny laughable best.

San Francisco and the Hearts newspaper propelled missionary from unknown town in low end of the valley to the avenging angel of Chinatown, a white Donaldina Cameron threatening a Chinaman abusing his terrified woman, with an axe- and 55 newspapers in Frisco compete for a story. Charles Shepherd, writes a novel about the heroine of Cameron house , 'the ways of ah -sin.' across clay street from Cameron house is the Chinatown YWCA – Jade Snow Wong, " fifth Chinese daughter, " Jade Snow enjoys cooking Chinese for the pres. of Mills College more than home. if she were only white. she makes pottery in the window of her art shop. Arthur Godfrey sees her and she stays in his radio musings from Hawaii – ref to five brings up the Fifth Chinese Daughter. to the egotistic white belief that the American whites rescued Chinese simpletons from the infinitely smarter japs.

Today mad Maxine Hong Kingston scares little kids with the electrified sizzle and crackle of her white hair and pixie size and eyes and trembly voice. Pres Clinton, awards her his humanities medal, Pres Obama awards her his arts medal- by Pres order of two Pres: contempt on the lit that produced "the Ballad of Mulan,"

Mulan is the heroine from 550 ad who inspires Liang Hongyu, in the Southern Song and Mu Guiying, in the southern song to songs of their own, fighting for territories as home along the yellow river, as allies with the real owner of Kingston's tattoos, General Yue Fei.

If Kingston were serious about women abused by men, there was the body of poetry and story known as "the four beauties"

Kingston is defended by white racist feminist’s hostile to Chinese moral sense of "it is written. write on."

The Jews can't see the similarity between the FDR's America and the Nazis and JACL as the willing Judenradt, and the 126, 332 American Nikkei (every last one off the American west coast of Washington, Oregon, California).

I suggest you go as part of UW press delegation from Seattle to the yellow caucus – in Washington- to explain penguin-random house takeover of Okada's no-no boy - the witnesses - you for Aiiieeeee! and art – Frank Abe for Conscience & the Constitution, and, Roger Shimomura, Larry Matsuda

Me. I’m in the enviable position of monkey in hell- with hell tuned to Calvin McMillin as me.

Boy, am I buried and faked. Oh well, what the hell. I’m old. I’m adjusting to my right hand that doesn't work as a hand. the fingers that do work are few and to reach them, I have to send a slow gulp ahead of time. how I do that I don't know, but I have to hurry. I’m already past time. I don't play the guitar anymore. I just can't. I have a hard time living without wasting time playing the guitar in the resonant bathroom with Sam. we had a bathroom with a tub that echoed the sound throughout the old wood of the old house.

Today I look, I sit in LA looking out of the rolling noise of Los Angeles hating itself, forward to the day I have a room, at the Panama Hotel at 605 1/2 so main street, in Seattle. I see myself standing , at the east end of panama hotel mezzanine hallway. the 6th avenue end. barefoot pad on the buffalo hide floor, on my way to the toilet, then the shower. the hide does not reach the door to the toilet. there's an orchid on the windowsill of the room with a deep concrete sink and a white porcelain heavy sink., and the toilet with a noisy deep sucking drain. a floor of eye occupying eight sided white tiles. the live purple to the blues of light before the sun rises of the orchid, depending on the mood and the dump, is a pleasant conversation vibrating tween white and an orchid in colors. there is the sound of no one up. I’ll be the first to shower in the tub rigged with a plunger plugging the water to the tub and sort of pushing it to the shower-head . remember the voice of experience. what's his name? I know him as whitey, for his hair and bare - – get the hot water going first -then slowly add cold to favored temperature -

I leave the shower as dry as I found it. Whitey in his chair on the stairs looking down , across the mezzanine, and down to the hotel entrance, hears me. He asks if the sound he hears is me. by name. He used to call me , "Mr. Chin." I’ve been coming here awhile. time flies.

The light of the first sunlight skins thru the window at the west end of the long dark hall, and the long row of doorways glow a tea colored wink and shine of old wood toward my steaming body.

Room no 3. Old style key lock on the door.

I see me sitting at a table inside the panama hotel coffee & teahouse. a tour of kids from the wing Luke museum walks up the hill of main sty past my view out of coffee house. a marketplace storyteller of prehistory searches the place for an audience.

Do you…. you brave children have your parents’ permission to hear the storytellers story, for brave children? the marketplace storyteller asks in pre-history – and today, pounces on a line kids passing on the street, "do you brave children have your museum guides permission to hear a story?

The children – freeze -challenged scared!

Children are you brave? If I were a storyteller, of old, I would ask, with your parents’ permission, may the storyteller, tell you, a story for brave children? hmmmm?

The guides are reassured – the children group around each other and the guides

Good. In a matter of seconds, me the storyteller being eyed, has raised doubts and settled them, as prep for the big chicken. a story, no matter what the content, the telling has to keep the listeners, on the edge of their ears- or storyteller failure! flunkola -

Storytelling getting and holding the attention of kids – getting the story to climax- to more climax – to unbearable climax – to the "boo'" in three – five minutes -

The Jews were more interested in the yellow understanding of the Jews story than in using Jewish knowledge to corroborate yellow investigations of yellow groups of happy volunteer Camp Judenradt as traitors to their people – from Japanese American mike Masaoka to Chinese American Maxine Hong Kingston.

Won't the Jews corroborate the similarity twixt Masaoka's "for better Americans in a greater America" and slogans of Jacob gens of the Judenradt of Vilna Ghetto, Lithuania? Jewish intellectual corroboration might stop a JACL Moses thumbing his monument at his betrayed American Nikkei people.

No. Jewish suffering is sacred and exclusive to Jews only;


No- No! Alec Baldwin's "Nuremberg" (2000) Brian Cox he actor playing army psychiatrist capt. Gus Gilbert, spying on the prisoner’s minds at Nuremberg . talks to matt craven in the role of Herman Goering. Goering says the Americans have concentration camps for the Japanese. Gus gilbert dismisses the jap camps as a mistake. the Americans admit it, that was that.

Just like the Germans Gus.

There aren't as many Nisei as Jews designated pariahs but still in every sansei and Yonsei born in 1957, like innocent Bettina Goering, is in for mind shattering TV sight. She has the face of Hitler’s right-hand man. as the saying goes: the TV doc blows her mind.

The generation of Jap-Americans no matter they're JACL traitors or betrayed Nikkei – or camp resisters on constitutional grounds (comparable to challenges to the 1935 Nuremberg laws of Goering. the us gov fights to this day for the pres of the laws of 1949 Nazis as American white racist laws)

See the similarity?

No the Jews own suffering. period.

For the Japs- go mad – go happy – who cares? No unmade docs. No anatomy of the Japanese American identity. no blink at the blank on Jap or Japanese or Japanese American or Nikkei identity by generation, geographical location of "home".

For the Jews and the Germans- docs on all sides rush to rescue the soul of their good. the good of the Jews. the good of the Germans.. The good of the Nazis. The good of the gone. the good of the coming.

Their stories told back to back with the Jew or German grandson of a Nazi freak depresses or emboldens Japanese Americans, who never saw WWII or Korea or Vietnam. Do they have the parents who can tell them why the white man still sneers at all yellows as slant-eyed sissies and blowjobs with tiny tits? Since 18 what? Who does the yellow owe for the "pacific overtures?" Hmmm?

The yellow owes the Jews the racist mike Masaoka (the Rudolf Hoess of American contempt for Japanese in America. And his innocent grandson Rainer Hoess – a Jewish journalist accompanies Rainer to Auschwitz where a Jewish teen asks what he would. If he met his grandfather today. "I would kill him," Rainer says. A survivor of Auschwitz shouts, "you weren't there. you're innocent!"

The Jews and Germans still remember enough together to dig out the truth buried by winning and losing.

All of the American docs made by yellows are approved by white racists; the JACL, American colleges and universities- the yellow docs and films are all amateurish, unsearched, cute and lousy. even the ones I and Aiiieeeee! appear in.

In white racist America George Takei is on the TV news hating himself for American patriotism and Ken Narasaki declares John Okada a fool for not being white racist in Seattle, Rick Shiomi in New York rewrites " Gilbert & Sullivan’s the Mikado" with real corrections to not offend Japanese sensibilities with 19th century Victorian racism and real sets

Compare any or all the American and Canadian work of yellows since 1960 to the work of Akira Kurosawa, Nagisa Oshima, Yukio Mishima, Juzo Itami.

Bettina Goering is married lives off the grid outside of Santa Fe New Mexico. The last ten years she and German friends get together and cook the foods of childhood and sing folksongs from home.

The black writers of the day remember Gloria Steinham read "the woman warrior" and flew to California to meet mad Maxine Hong Kingston the author of the real autobiography of written dreams.

Whip it out and piss on 'em like a man, man!

No! Shh! We'd like to, but ….can't. right now!

Irish of San Francisco, everybody all the coloreds suffering their signature white designed wrong - see but don't see the whites are fooled by what attracts them – the JACL is all Masaoka imitation FDR oratory, in a style guided by mad doc Miyamoto of Seattle, down the hill of sixth avenue to an office in the building on the corner of Jackson, a main street to the piers and the water. and Bill Hosokawa, a UW journalist who works for blind James Sakamoto's Japanese American courier, with offices in an np hotel, storefront on Sixth Ave, next bldg. down from the corner of main street, and the Panama Hotel Hosokawa the journalist, Dr. Miyamoto the mad doctor, down on the corner of Jackson, and Masaoka, the JAC; Moses from Utah, preach up the perfect Nisei:. a Nisei born in America earns his or her citizenship by service to the white man. meantime in Hollywood professional-land: b-movie gold- our father who art in Hollywood, Charlie than, be thy name. Keyed Luke, Benson Fong, Victor Sen Yung - Hosokawa as Masaoka's journalist co-author – of all of Masaoka's autobiographical JACL memoirs. In his writing with Hosokawa, Masaoka and the JACL are one and the same better American hating Japanese for Jesus Christ of the latter-day saints. of the greater America emergent in Utah. Masaoka's style, his voice, his twang to my ear is more w. c. fields, than franklin Roosevelt.

Both Masaoka and Maxine Hong Kingston have faked out the academic & intellectual whites at land grant universities and endowed private universities of the east – Kingston admits she so frankensteined Far Mulan and Ngawk Fei (Yue Fei) she knows no way of explaining her fakery without fatally slowing the fast one she pulls. Chinese readers, Chinese scholars can scream all they want. white readers that count hate Chinese scholars and scholarship and facts – anything that slows that thrilling fakery of her story.

To get beyond one man's inability to write a man better than himself, one man uses the strategy of writing two men – competing to be better than the other.

Pat Morita calls me shortly after ten why? He plays Manzanar photographer xxxxxxx in John Korty's movie of Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston and James Houston's jointly written autobiographical novel Farewell to Manzanar. the story of Jeanne. A girl who finds herself in a camp called Manzanar, Spanish for apple. these are her first memories. and out of camp falls in love with James, her white Samurai who imagines Jeanne Wakatsuki's father's answer to the 1943 leave clearance questionnaire, he writes in the novel , the line acted in the movie farewell to Manzanar by Yuki Shimoda to bring a tear to the eye before the cut to the next shot.

I hate myself in Farewell to Manzanar. Anything to be in the movies. Those were the days -

The days Pat Morita, a principal was on set and we members of the mob were on set, were never the same.

Pat's phone call in the days of rotary phones, he was getting a read of me over the phone. It happens, I’m a sucker for a story at ten every night.. I take a feel of him from a read of my raw notes. Several reads of my unintelligible notes. The me I read is hungry for impressing Pat Morita with brag, lizards are shitting in the Sunday

Martin Yan- Penang heritage ---colonial bldg. -to hotel -Kwan Yin – patron to world travelers – Malaysians don't change the colonial history and houses of their country, they grow with their telling and the humor of their increase in players and play.

Born with the unalienable right to equality. Equality does not mean uniformity – it means every individual citizen has his/or her name and come the day at the first 12-year cycle round the animals, and three years deciding who and what you are, you are given and accept a name from your family, or a name of your own. you own your name, and the meaning of your name – the citizen has the right to be as likable or dislikable to local society as long as he/she breaks no local laws within the borders of the united states of America.

Whooo! Poon Goo in empty nothing ---an egg comes in sight. Poon Goo's in the egg.

I didn't ask to be born. It’s not my fault I am born-

You are not responsible for your coming to life as you?

Right I didn't ask to be born. –

Whoever is responsible for giving you life is the responsibility for sensing when you- are you, and fit to live on your own, or a mistake - /

A mistake? Me?

A missing Organ, a bad neuron snap connection, an offensive mouth. Mistake. Mistake. Mistake.


The authority responsible for a life gone mistake is the same authority that sees a mistake and ends it...


The end of life.,

The end of life?



The name – who cares?

And meaning?

Does not appear! as if the name, and words of meaning,

Oh. (Inhale- and hold it)

Are never heard,

My deathless prose. My formula for regenerative teeth, one goes bad falls out and grows a new tooth, my magic poetry, a mouthful of young regrown teeth and healthy gums at seventy!

And if heard,... not remembered.

The Jews & Germans work hard to never forget 1935-1945 -

The US Gov- dept of interior as Nazis to the Japanese – and Masaoka and his JACL as the volunteer double-dealing for Uncle Sam Judenradt leading the pariah people to hate themselves to death as they work to please the white man, more than the blacks, the browns don't take to yellows and drive us out of Mexico with a song.

Masaoka directs the JACL to spread as law to all 123,313 Nikkei in America the direction to forget camp and the war in Europe and the war in the pacific. Leave all information and news of Japanese America to the JACL.

In white America - the Chinese Americans never hear a Chinese children's story from the Chinese childhood not told by a white- forbidden Chinaman – by united white religion in 1849 and united states. Law in 1882 – by Euro - Christian religions anti-yellow anti-coloreds religious law. the fight among believers of belief in one to the be the only one - monocolor – or white only! the whites outwhiting the whites to be the one and only believe the whites own the old west.

The Chinese see the old west as stories from the Chinese childhood. father goes looking a ground to plant the seeds of a family farm- from the family farm - found a civilization .

Only whites travel as a white mind out for conquest of colored locals everywhere there's a farm to conquer-colonize – and send farm goods -to support the white home – and starve the locals-..

The Chinese have stories like that?

Actually the Japanese, are the first with Lady Murasaki's Tale of Genji that is written before lo Kuanzhong's "the Romance of the Three Kingdoms."

Three kingdoms?

Three men from three walks of life, a sandal peddler, a filthy rich farmer, a big man, known as a killer, good with weapons, looking for his moral compass (he knows he has one because of who he's killed, and who he has not, and who he has not accepted as a gift-) Liu Pei, Chiang Fei, and Kwan Kung meet at a crossroads and happen to be moved by an imperial call to arms. the emperor is kind of shaky because of Cao Cao (Cho Cho) an influential minister with personal ambition, but the loose strategically sloppy, but tactically fast as crows on horseback-and the three men bubble up with they must defend the honor of the Han Dynasty -

The Han falls apart over who is more Chinese – the Three Kingdoms: Cho Cho takes over the Han and founds the Wei. Liu Pei gives selling sandals and challenges Cho Cho as an heir to the throne of Han - Shu-Han – - what's his name rules the south – and plots against both the Wu -

Liu Pei sees he is well supplied from Jiang Fei's farm/ tactically a wow, with Kwan Kung, but strategically lacking. he consults the most famous strategist around- the strategist seeking info in trapped into going to the enemy to free his mother, who he knows , means the trap is sprung -but he gives Liu Pei a name – Kongming also knowns as Geegawk Leong -

Kwan Kung, the man , and brother number two fumes and percolates dislike for Kongming but obeys the oath he made in the peach garden of Jiang Fei, the third brother (earth) and Liu Pei , (heaven) the first brother of the peach gardens.

Kongming shows his stuff plotting and planning the day by day haps and avoiding whoops! and no question of what is victory in the wedding of Liu Pei and the princess daughter of the ruler of the south. he begins by putting Liu Pei on a diet, and dying his hair and teaching him manners and puzzle poetry.

Why puzzle poetry?

She's a princess. she's educated. she knows poetry. do you? you're a king. you're in love?


She has talent as a military strategist'. you share a hobby.

A hobby? I’m a king.

And she's a princess, the daughter of who controls your way to the south and the Yangtse.

That’s right.

Lose weight. Look and act younger than you are.


No. train,

So Kongming is better than Kwan kung?

Kwan kung has an instinct for responding in action. his long-range actions are unknown because the situation is not known. Cho Cho plots to catch Kwan Kung mauling Liu Pei's bride. Kwan stands outside her door hold candle in one hand and his weapon in the other. Cho Cho threatens Liu Pei's wedding party with death if Kwan kung refuses to fight for Cho Cho. Kwan won't fight Liu Pei for Cho Cho. but fights for Cho Cho.

Red rabbit the fastest horse in Cho Cho's kingdom -for Kwan to ride into battle -

Jiang Fei rides out to confront Kwan kung as a traitor to the oath by fighting for Cho Cho. - the wedding party comes into view -and the mood about Kwan's ride home changes into celebration of first brother Liu Pei's reunion with his bride –

The three brothers are still loyal to each other and their cause- the restoration of the Han. Kwan sees himself probably superior to Kongming with weapons and Kongming better than Kwan kung at solutions arrived at by verbal diplomacy with all – be they low or high.-

Not till Cho Cho give him red rabbit did Kwan think of breaking out of Cho Cho's grip. Kongming would be thinking ahead. Kwan kung can't see ahead. [the Chinese negotiator with the central pacific in the high sierras settles for back pay and Chinese foremen for Chinese gangs - had the negotiator been Kongming the Chinese would also get a raise in pay – the negotiator in "donald duk" is not named. Kwan the foreman is no Kongming. he's no genius. Kongming himself would say. Kwan the foreman is very bright- but no genius..]

Chew the fourth brother of the "four families " -Lowe-Kwan-Chiang- Chew, or the lung Kong Tien Yee Tong – saves Liu Pei's infant son from slaughter in a pitch battle. Liu Pei, bows to Chew Yun (?) and offers the soldier a sword to kill his son, for risking a soldier’s life!

Dai Yun, big man, the soldier says. I fight to restore the Han of your family.

New wave cuisine- a Taiwanese home care food law without losing taste and the weirdest and most soothing cooking show – a loving Chinese couple dressed in clown clothes- he in a colored giant bowtie and dressed like Clarabelle the clown , and she like a girl played by cheery and pouty Shirley Temple in john ford's "she wore a yellow ribbon," the he & she keep house and cook together on a Taiwan gov setting from the designers of Ridley Scott's rain soaked Bladerunner, and – the movie Stanley Kubrick' makes of the Anthony Burgess novel of teens run amok in a Russia vs England with big bombs movie of the effect of life under the bomb on societies morals and ethics . "a clockwork orange." movies that play the movie fun of the 1956 Michael Anderson directed science fiction movie of Edmund O’Brien , an eraser and faker of photographs and rewriter of history to the truth of big brother- under the constant eye of big brother and the truth of big brother and anonymous totalitarian rule - drawn from the fun of George Orwell’s 1984 –

8:20 pm earthquake- shake-goes round stops more round 8:21 stops. 8:22 short after shock- Friday - July 5, 2019-


The mix. Strange to me. Before my eyes produces to music, relentlessly soft tingly cheerful children's toot toot piano music, the new wave cuisine show – every weekday at 1:pm on cha 18-ksci -and today the funniest looking he and she that should repel each other are cooking touching and tasting each other like kids, make a Japanese sushi new wave style. Ok? with purple rice produced from white rice and a sprinkle of small beans. ok? – washed-drained. Ok? from he. Lots of ok. – steamed ok? – he tastes something, then shares a bite with her. they both wave fans to cool the rice and he turns the rice over and over with a paddle. ok – spread on the bottom of glass baking pan and powder with corn starch- next- prepare scallops – oooh scallops! Locally grown. ok? ok! Next prepare fresh Taiwan grown horseradish root – scrub the skin – cut the root end – and grind the root end – on a grind surface as tough as sharkskin.. ok. Mmm! The scallop sushi on red rice is yum yum and makes her jump chi ban! He: ok!

In 1849 gold rush Sam Fahn see cum Frisco cum San Francisco – before there are organized big tits before organized big guns lay down big law west of the rockies. earthquake-10:34-5/ shudder sudden gentle side to side- grab countertop to keep my balance and wait three seconds – go to the bathroom and pass a piss -