Saturday, November 19, 2011

F. Chin Shot Down (figuratively)

Friends, Chinamen, Bystanders

Three scripts, Three rejections, You heard from me first. How do I know? It just happened.

STORIES FOR SAM; THE HEROIC TRADITION; and a novel in progress.
Donaladina Cameron and her San Francisco Oakland clones and Charlie Chan have won the hearts of the San Francisco Yellows and White America.

No sympathy from my friends, please. I don't like sympathy. C can keep the great Lucien Barnes. The other C got her cappuccino.

Those that want a shot at me, now's a good time to take it while American opinion is on your side.

I'm going to Seattle.

Life is war. Kingdoms rise and fall. Nations come and go. Its a good day to die.
Let the goodimes roll.

I need a joint. Or three, maybe four....

Frank Chin