Thursday, August 21, 2014


Sharon Pian Chan blasted the Seattle Rep’s rep in her op-ed in the Seattle TIMES.

Sharon's is the first Editorial, by a Yellow  in a White paper to question the White man's racist characterization of Yellows, in the history of the press, She has raised more than Theater to scrutiny, but all the arts and Yellow artists of Seattle. What the Yellow arts need is Yellow critics and a noisey critics argument-  and conclusions , not instructions from Whites on how to be Yellow in White America.  We know  the Whites Adam and Eve, Jack and Jill, Jack and the Beanstalk, Jack the Giant Killer,  and the Whites still don't know Poon Goo and  Nur Waw, Far Mulan, Liang Hongyu, Mu Guiying. We've been here since 1849. We learned. Why didn't the Whites? Because their White racism forbids them to read anything not written by a White.  The subservient state of Yellow artist in America has reduced the Yellow man’s self-esteem  to how closely he mimicks the Whites, not how much he teaches the Whites about the Yellows.

What is Rick Shiomi, Yellow Playwright of Minneopolis doing?  He’s wrong to touch Gilbert & Sulluivan ‘s intentionally British White racist MIKADO. It’s humor and subtle wit depend on the White racist sympathy of the audience. The author’s intention is in the design , the art of Gilbert’s topsy turvey  prose.

Rick Shiomi’s attempted production of MIKADO with the racist organs Frankesteined out strikes me as wrongheaded as a Jew sweetening   Reinhard Heydrich and Adolf Eichmann’s   Wannsee Conference where the final solution to the Jewish question was worked out for presentation at one today's entertainment industry fair.

Sharon Pian Chan is really criticizing the Seattle Rep as a White racist theater.  Bravo!  If the White man wants to prove he’s not White racist , let him present an image of himself (no coaching from the Yellows), instead of silly white racists in Yellow pancake  make-up .

Gilbert & Sullivan’s THE MIKADO was the Charlie Chan of its time, that ate up England. Whites never tire of trying to sell us silly Charlie Chan is a positive lovable stereotype, at best and a mere metaphor, obviously not real Chinese. (Didya, hear that? ) …at worst. Why do Whites insist the Yellows are not serious and are not real?

Take off your pancake Mikado-Show the world the white man inside Charlie Chan.

Prove you Whites really know, respect and treat the Yellow Man as the racial, and cultural equal to yourself, White Man. Show me your real self and not metaphors that aren’t really me and mine.

Frank Chin