Monday, February 25, 2019

Happy Birthday, Frank!

Just a heads up.  

It's Mr. Chin's birthday!

(photo by Naomi Hirahara)

(Frank and Eddie)

Monday, January 21, 2019

Gary Locke and Far Mulan

NEW YORK, 10010

What does it take to rouse a group of Chinese Americans to restore relevance and honor to Chinese, and all Yellows, by tickling Gary Locke, former Gov of Washington State, and US Ambassador to China, and asking him, if Mulan, of the Ballad of Mulan is tattooed?

(Gary Locke)

The question of Chinese-Americans are afraid to ask, because they don't have the moral certainty of the answer. Think on it Chinaman. An American public school teacher, who doesn't have the moral certainty of an answer that won't get the teacher fired, for asking the visiting American general, the name of the first President of the United States. Afraid to ask an officer whose biz is to know what to teach, teaches, the name of George Washington.

(George Takei and David Henry Huang)

David Henry Hwang and George Takei, the two yellow artists most loved by whites who own, write, and read white newspapers are celebrated by the University of Columbia, Harvard and Yale. David Henry Hwang (the morals of Hollywood), and George Take celebrated liar of the JACL, attributing "I surrender" as the moral stance of a leader of draft resistance from Heart Mountain Concentration Camp. In 1944, former President advisor Eric Liu, boldly refuses to defend yellow manhood from Maxine Hong Kingston's admitted lies about Mulan, and Ngawk Fei (Yue Fei). Till, then, all Yellows are condemned to hate ourselves for the white love of Christ, the 19th century San Francisco area of the 1890s, missionary Donaldina Cameron, starting a Frisco House, to sneer at Yellowmen as whimpering wifebeaters - ick! And there we are, demoralized. Through the actions and newspaper publicity of Cameron House and the Chinese Christians they spawn in print with missionary Charles Shepherd’s novel making a hero of Donadlidina Cameron, for beating cowardly Chinese beaters of women, continue to try. There goes Chinatowns AVENGING ANGEL TO THE RESCUE of women with an axe and a squad of police! So begins the 20th century, and the generation of 1940 - the year of metal dragon - oh, the generations of Chinese and Japanese born here since. AND today teach their bellies fat by teaching nothing - nothing at all - nother but - IT’S ME! ME! ME! WHITE MAN! - ME! NOT THEM- WHO ARE "THEM"?








Movies are art at the beginning of art. Movies are seen and seen again with company, by local people, in a local house. Not only is Hollywood morally white in the 1940s, it is patriotically white.

Run to the Moulin Rouge porno movie house on 7th built as a model of the Red Mill, on the Paris Left Bank, with paddles that light up and turn on an axle - two storefronts along 7th used to be the negro newspaper, the Oakland Independent. In the 50s, a burlesque by night and old movies by day. The Moulin Rouge is a between Housewives Market on Jefferson and Chinatown. So we stop to talk to the movies.

Art is a muddy as the people that congregate into a working neighborhood - a local village, or town. Hollywood "politics" twixt the nation and locals, and the national will is enforced by the nation's guns, and force the nation's right to gobble up a local's cops for national need for feed.

Spencer Tracy talks to my mother out of the movie 30 seconds over Tokyo. We sit with bags of groceries in our laps. Instead of Spencer Tracey flickering into focus out of the cold of the space of the theater. I see the face George Takei in the Year of the Dragon.

(Barack Obama and Bill Clinton)

What can Pres Clinton and Pres Obama say to correct their expression of White racist contempt for Chinese heroine for Mulan’s misogynist Chinese civ taken from Maxine Hong Kingston’s fake non-fiction autobiography to avoid being classed as fiction? Choose one, or all, or none. Suggestions flood to mind.

(A) Ooops! You mean her beautiful writing isn’t real? I took non-fiction seriously (B) In Indonesia, and islands to the south, we have a way of handling the Yellow Chinese…With stinking race laws, and the smell of gunsmoke. (C) The Chinese really stink! (D) The Chinese in the 19th century a people without the unifying protection of a moral Christian gov – a people without a culture or a civ the people of the land cultivate and keep alive. (E) China is taken over by immoral Christian competitor European empires in their last days. The Hapsbergs, Czar Nick, The Victorian et al gives rise to the last heroic novels of the Southern Song, printed , after the Mongols and Kulbai Khan’s Mongol Yuan Dynasty is gone and Ming! Chinese are back in the saddle again! Ming (General Yue Fei, Yang Family Generals, (Mu Guiying) Liang Hongyu, the Little Drummer Girl).

The former Pres might say, "I did not mean to take the writing of Maxine Hong Kingston as autobiographical truth. But I did. I’m sorry, I did not know The Woman Warrior is actually fiction, a novel, not an autobiography. I am personally happy to say that the factual truth is that Mulan, of The Ballad of Mulan, is not tattooed."

And then, AND THEEEEENNNN! PRES CLINTON AND PRES OBAMA CALL AMBASSADOR GARY LOCKE OF SEATTLE, AND ASK HIM TO LEAD A RECITATION OR READING OF THE BALLAD OF MULAN FROM A CHILDREN'S BOOK– and children’s stories of their own, before kids from the Nihonmachi, Chinatown neighborhood, at Seattle’s Panama Hotel Coffee & Tea House – the American Nikkei who left their belongings labeled and kept at the Panama, your belongings await your return.

You 100 ornaments pretending to be Chinese civ, get off your egoes, and show yourselves Chinamen and Yellows. The Year of the Chicken has passed! Call your Congressman.

Frank Chin

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Keep your Christianity sheathed

Upon receiving the news that Aiiieeeee! will be reissued, Professor Justin Tse wrote the following email to Frank Chin:

November 30, 2018

Dear Frank,

Thank you so much for this email. As you know, I am one of the young professors who is not as old as the book but assigns it in far too many of the Asian American studies courses I teach here at Northwestern. In the Chinese American studies course I recently finished teaching, I assigned parts of it, as well as The Big Aiiieeeeee, for the students to adjudicate the fight you had with Maxine Hong Kingston and Amy Tan. We worked down from what seemed to be contention about feminism and misogyny and down to the problem of Christianity in relation to the martial tradition. Next quarter, I will reprise my courses on Asian American religions, as well as Asian American social movements, and of course Aiiieeeee is an important text to consider in both.

In other words, I have taught it so many times that I have been unofficially known as the ‘Frank Chin’ guy. I don’t know how I feel about that because you always ask us to be critical, even of you, because what you wish for is criticism, not a kind of weasely sucking up to you. What’s more, as you know, I’m still a Christian.

I’m looking forward to all of this, and if there’s a chance I can come by and see you when it is republished, I’ll look forward to it.


Justin K.H. Tse 謝堅恆, PhD
Visiting Assistant Professor, Asian American Studies Program
Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences
Northwestern University

Frank to Justin:


My beef with Mad Maxine Hong Kingston is she fakes her Chinese facts - Far Mulan of the BALLAD OF MULAN is not tattooed. Yue Fei, a man, born centuries and a dynasty after Mulan's publication, is known for his mother tattooing his back, to defy The Sun of Heaven's claim to exclusive rights to this life. His life is the Country's not the Commandant - take a walk along the the long corridor at the Ming Summer Palace outside of Peking - there's a panel of Mother Yue tattooing Yue Fei's back, and Yue's wife holding a candle to light mom's work.

Mad Max Hong Kingston's pitiful Chinese victim of woman-hating culture is not one of the Four Beauties, four concubines famous for Chinese kings using to seduce and dethrone enemy kings.

If anyone is a misogynist it's Max and her crybaby supporters, all White and all Christians. Max obviously hates women generals who modeled themselves on Mulan, Liang Hongyu, Mu Guiying, and Chen Liangyu

Prove your gripe is Chinese, you Christian you!

Keep your Christianity sheathed.

You draw your soul.

I draw out mine. Kingdoms rise and fall/ Nations cone go/ Its a good day to die. Let the good times roll /

You keep it sheathed.

I keep it sheathed.

In a word: Read!

If a new AA lit mag is the goal of the reprinting- start with Asian morals and ethics as Asian Americans read what is written. - Yellow Pre-history thru Yellow children's stories - For the AA Mag, get Gary Locke's official American word on the subject of Maxine Hong Kingston and the tattoos of Far Mulan and American-Chinese literature.

No fudging allowed


Justin to Frank:

December 1, 2018

Dear Frank,

Like Sun Wukong, my provocations have achieved their desired effects. I cannot leave your five-finger mountain, try as I might to fly to the ends of the earth on my big stick. I must reply before you trap me for five hundred years.

I always recount the conclusion of our meeting at the Panama to my classes. Those exposed to your work in my courses, especially in ‘Come All Ye Asian American Writers of the Real and the Fake,’ are often scared off by it, thinking you to be someone who requires them to toe the party line. I sometimes tell them that Frank knows that I am a Christian. They wonder how it is possible that we can even manage to have a conversation. It is then that I tell them what we discussed. What you desire is not agreement or compliance; in fact, it goes against all of those stories of righteousness that you tell – Ngawk Fei, the 108 outlaws on Leungshan, the sworn brothers Low Bay, Guan Yu, and Cheung Fei. What you want is a fight over the text. Criticism, you complain in the 1991 Aiiieeeee preface, is sorely lacking for much of Asian American literature. We are afraid to fight. Your words are thus like fire in my ears: sheathe the identity, draw your soul, read the text.

In this, I reflect on the question of party lines in Asian America. To speak in terms of ideology and partisanship seems to me to be the work of the jook sing, those who do not know and therefore must make stuff up. The mistake is to position your work, and the work in Aiiieeeee!, as an ideological faction in Asian America. Ideology, it seems to me, is the fantasy of the missionary. The martial forest, however, is not an ideological geography. It is the practice of righteousness and revenge.

Recently, Jin Yong died. He was a novelist based in Hong Kong much beloved by Chinese people around the world. He wrote stories of martial heroism, and his trilogy on the Condor Heroes is an extended meditation on Ngawk Fei, his ethic of righteousness, and his contempt for corruption. I grew up with these stories, along with the tales that my grandfather told me from the Three Kingdoms and Journey to the West. I had thought about your statement in ‘Come All Ye’ about these stories circulating throughout Chinatown, and I just wanted to say that even for a suburban Christian kid like me, television, Chinese school, and grandparents mean that I too have no excuse. In my childhood, I understood Christianity to teach the same things as the Ngawk Fei kind of righteousness that you mention. It was not until junior high that I encountered a much more colonizing form of white evangelicalism that introduced me to the idea that I should pick between the two. In many ways, reading your work and having spoken with you rescued me from being a jook sing. You helped me to remember my childhood, and I must admit that I have spent more time than I care to admit recently re-watching the stories that I saw on television now on YouTube. My Cantonese is not as bad as I thought, and the more I watched, the deeper into the world I got. In fact, I found myself speaking more in Cantonese as a result recently.

My one regret in our correspondence is that I am so bad at writing back when you reply so quickly. It is so ‘mm ho yee see,’ which does not simply mean ‘sorry,’ but really refers to a ‘bad meaning/insight.’ Seeing the speed of your reply, I will try not to be so ‘mo yee hay,’ lacking in righteousness, in the future.


Respectfully submitted,

Monday, December 03, 2018

Dear Readers,

I received an email from Curtis Choy - he will be retiring his website by the end of the year. Please visit the site:

Frank Chin's blogsite here would not have been up had Curtis not suggested it and built v.1 for him. Please checkout Curtis' website and purchase his movies before they go away. Curtis made the feature-length documentary on Frank called What's Wrong With Frank Chin? and Dupont Guy: The Schiz of Grant Avenue, based on Frank's teachings. Furthermore, one of the top blog articles that gets the most hits in this blogsite is the interview with him here. When you read it, you'll see why it remains so popular.

(Photo by John Shearer/WireImage)

Curtis has dedicated his work in advancing the Asian American voice. He has recorded and been in momentous events that helped shape Asian America as we know it. I find myself lucky enough to know him and still be in contact with him. Please thank him and continue to view and support his works.


Thursday, November 22, 2018

TCG's Short Video on Frank Chin

The Theatre Communications Group interviewed Frank Chin for their "Legacy Leaders of Color" tribute videos.  It's quite entertaining and informative. Enjoy:

FRANK CHIN, Asian American Theatre Co. from Theatre Communications Group on Vimeo.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Viet Nguyen on Frank Chin

(photo of Viet Nguyen comes from NBC News)

In his critique of Wesley Yang's The Souls of Yellow Folk, Pulitzer-prize winning author Viet Nguyen mentioned Frank Chin...
This Asian-American legacy in politics and art is invisible to Yang, who does not even mention Frank Chin, the writer who most forcefully dealt with the agonies of Asian-American manhood. Chin, who connected racial emasculation to the treatment of Asian-Americans as objects of “racist love” (as opposed to the “racist hate” directed against African-Americans), argued that Asian-American writing had to be a form of fighting. Yang flails rather than fights, which suggests that there is something inadequate about the Asian-American legacy for him. He may not be alone. His neglect of historical forebears and his almost exclusive focus on the personal is indicative of a generational shift in Asian-American thinking; revolution is not very fashionable today.

(HT: Calvin McMillin)

Wednesday, October 31, 2018


October 30, 2018

NEW YORK, 10010

Dear Anonymous Committee:

I'm Frank Chin, a Chinaman writer.  I recommend you acquire a copy of just released Nisei Naysayer (from Stanford U Press), by Art Hansen and James Omura - it is the life of Nisei journalist (the only non-JACL journalist and hence a JACL pariah thru WWII); edited by noted historian Art Hansen.  Hansen notes every reference Jimmie makes - Jimmie, Art Hansen, and others note my presence - in Jimmie Omura's and the Nisei story of 1939 to 1972.

One hundred what?  What are you?  Not Chinese or anything Chinese or vaguely Asian?  Certainly not a lobby group interested in the education of Asians born in the United States.  And absolute contempt for Chinese children's literature that takes Far Mulan from children's chant to adult Liang Hongyu who grows up studying Far Mulan, and riding the Yellow River watered country with Han Zhisong in the world of fact and literature.

White man FDR (President Roosevelt, the spokesman of American) is racist and wrong - no Nisei Americans Born in America bombs Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941. Clinton and Obama are white racially wrong to replace Chinese CIV with Maxine Hong Kingston's Cameron House lies about Yellow men and women.  (Generations of removing boys and girls has killed the taste of Yellows for Yellows).

Obama is the first Black Pres. of the United States built by the White man, of the White man, for the White man, who runs the government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

"That’s a dirty Yankee lie," Shane says in Shane.

And Jack Palance says, “PROVE IT.”


Yellows have no Jack Palance. Yellows have no manhood. None at all. The Yellow men aren’t manly. Ask a Yellow woman. Maxine Hong Kingston, Amy Tan. (Don’t forget Lisa See and White Mother Carolyn See, the wife of a Chinese who did her wrong, and writes about her life, becomes a critic on the L.A. Times, has a Chinese faking daughter with a million dollar book contract – who makes a fast buck on Vanity TV – million dollars later - today poof!).  There lives today only one Yellow with a Chinatown that helped him achieve office by office to Washington State Governor, twice. Then, higher and higher Clinton drafts Gary Locke to take the portfolio of Ambassador to China. The Chinese like him departmentally. If Gary Locke says FDR mucked the Japanese Americans up into Bettina Goering in Herman Goering forever – and Far Mulan is not tattooed, Maxine Hong Kingston’s version of Chinese CIV is false. Every American is morally obligated to read what was American history with the birth of George Washington in Virginia, and Lincoln’s birth in Kentucky. Will the President of the United States listen?

Gary Locke is the only Yellow to achieve the office by office Ambassordial Pres appointed high enough to be heard by the Pres. who appointed him.

I imagine that Gary Locke talks the US into dumping FDR’s stereotype of Japs, and dumping the JACL and the myth of Masaoka. He talks every White man to admit Whites like Maxine Hong Kingston’s White racist hate of everything and everyone Chinese better than real written Chinese children's songs and stories. White racists supported Kingston's white racist lies to please Pres. Clinton and Pres. Obama for fifty years in public schools before Kingston, Jade Snow Wong; and the first is Donaldina Chinatown's avenging angel attacking yellow man feeling up a frightened Yellow woman, and rescuing her, and keeping Chinese girls in Cameron House - The Ways of Ah-Sin, by Cameron House missionary become head of Chung Mei Home - where Chinese American boys born in America are taught to wear blackface sing for their captain, and dream of becoming President of China --

Once a Yellow man makes every White American gulp, look Yellows in the eye and clean themselves of the Masoaka- Kingston stink, and apologize that Yellow will have done the restored the honor of the first published, first edition of Wong Sam & Associates Chinese –English Phrase Book Wang Sam’s associates are translators for Chinese hauled into court – Publisher is Wells Fargo Express – 1872 -1879 - Once, is enough, but three times, Chinese style, would be nice.

That done, Yellows will be media equal with Blacks, Browns, Chicanos, Muslims, Native Americans, American Indians, Mexicans and all people under the sun and moon lucky enough to have color and a culture that goes with it.

Frank Chin

PS: August 25th the day Asian America went belly up and Asian America doesn't know and doesn't care and doesn't live - the lives that don't have the morals and ethics to exist in the written world. I ask my people to out their art and they proudly have none. I ask my art to out my people. There are none. I ask the art of my neighbors to help me, spark art in my people, on August 25th. Whoo! I get stories of White racism vs Jews, Irish, Blacks, native peoples of America, north and south. Everyone stays in thrall of their own, selves and lit, and none of mine, history lessons are brag not help, I have read a history lesson- - that's why I ask - art , you bitch! Where are my people? The media of the world condenses into George. George is all that's left of media life of the Asian American voice and news George. Take it away, George. Oh, no. TV forgets George? George forgets the people as fans? Uhh, George? George? Text of lit and TV demands the appearance of George Takei as Mr Sulu, apologizing for the White Racist lies about Frank Emi, and Heart Mt. Fair Play Committee at Frank Emi's grave in Los Angeles, covered as news by Los Angeles local and network news camera crews.

PPS: PBS - Yan Can Cook – series on Chengdu, China, licks what is written and eaten and waters Chinese CIV from childhood to who knows where? Whew! Saved by the bell of the wok. Bong! Why Chengdu? Remember Li Bing, turning the summer floods on the Min int the fertile Chengdu plains? The Romance of the 3 Kingdoms? Remember Bertolt Brecht's Commie white racist classic that suckered AAS at UCLA founders Yuji Ichioka, Emily Gee , Russell Leong, THE GOOD WOMAN OF SETZUAN? REMEMBER WHAT IS WRITTEN AND WHO WROTE IT. What is written is still written. Stand up for the peoples text. Common text is a people's identity and reason for being. The common texts have crossed languages with the stories and philosophies reaching cross the land and sea to round the world. No text of any peoples conspires with the White Man against the people till 1849 and the Chinese become the Yellow Peril to White women at night in the White man's newspaper prose of 1889.