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1937 - and WWII starts at the Marco Polo bridge - ends that dream. The tale is told in the autobiograhy "Fifth Chinese Daughter" 1950. She is unaware of Pardee Lowe's 1940 autobiogrphy - on the streets just before he takes the draft into the army. Until we tell her in the 1970's.

2019 - Tsk-Tsk-Tsk - Hua Hsu should have known that before he opened his writing to the New Yorker...or...? Or is he wise to betrayal of literature and history he writes? Is he wise to reading he's been raised and educated with what mad sociologist Miyamaoto scientifically condemns as "cultural nostalgia"?

Cultural nostalgia is eliminated by the process of going in an alien and going out assimilated. Unknown to yourself you've been assimilated! Congratulations. With a shhh! And, please no wasteland Eliot Whimper. Just plain, you show a full-blown ornamental oriental. And don't know it.

Yes! I know many things. For I walk by sight. Yes! I know the secrets, of which they dare not speak!

(Whistler's footsteps and whistle fades down and away)

Tune in. Tune in next week for... another tale... to keep you in...

Wynn? Ene? Do ya feel’it? Suspense?

Battle of Tsujima Straits -

Four new battle ships six cruisers and 9 destroyers -

The Meiji era (明治 Meiji) is extended from October 23, 1868 to July 30, 1912

Japs- 21 destroyers and 37 torpedo boats- destroyed Russian fleet

Jap Navy lost 3 torpedo boats – Russia lost 4380 KILLRF 5917 captured (2 admirals)

Japan lost 117 -x

July 21, 2019 - Sunday-protest in Hong Kong taunt the Commie Hong Kong cops -goood@tvussg?

N Korea launches two wonton missiles close to Sea of Japan-

Boris Johnson prime minister (a cockeyed cocaine nightmare of Donald Trump as Frankenstein) of Great Britain - Ivana Trump e-mails congratulations for winning election to prime minister of Kingston.

Kingston? Trump's daughter carries a coded message to Yellows in America?

Is Nancy' the Fox Spirit, a Vassar girl?

My youtube's gone nuts! Nuts! Alec Guinness as the mustache, Sam Elliott as Gen Buford leading his calvary in Ron Maxwell's "Gettysburg".

Han – War of heavenly Horses vs Greeks of Alexandria Eschate – (Tajikistahn) horses – crested and short stocky legs and round barrel - Greeks - descendants of passive settlers - following Alexander the Great with no Alex here for 150 years - Greek civ without - fighters no martial prowess. They're afraid of fighting! - They're insulted by the Han envoy and slaughter him. No deal? Then the Han will take the horses, the Han - Greek walls – resist Han - Han army returns to China- and comes back with triple the numbers of troops and 100,000 oxen – the Greeks kill their king and surrender to the Han – 3000 heavenly horses – opens up the Silk Road -

Current Exhibit: "A Loaded Weapon" – Photographic Perspectives on U.S. Internment Camps of WW II

Exhibit Dates

April 25, 2019 - September 9, 2019

The exhibit examines the experience of the 120,000 Japanese Americans forced to leave their homes, businesses, careers, and friends and detained in ten internment camps across the U.S. following the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the United States' entry into World War II. Featuring photographs of two distinctive photographers, Dorothea Lange and Ansel Adams, this exhibit examines how these two photographers, each with different perspectives, portrayed the evacuations and life within the internment camps.

Current exhibit - "A Loaded weapon"

Photographic Perspectives on U. S. Internment of WWII

Exhibit dates April 25, 2019 – September 9. 2019

The exhibit also features the story of Fred Korematsu, a Japanese American who refused to comply with the Executive Order that authorized his evacuation and internment. Eventually, he was arrested and detained in one of the internment camps with his family. Attorneys for the American Civil Liberties Union argued Korematsu's case in court several times, eventually reaching the Supreme Court; however, the Court upheld the Executive Order in a 6-3 decision. Justice Robert H. Jackson was one of the three dissenters.

This exhibit was made possible, in part, through a grant received by the Jackson Center from the Chautauqua Region Community Foundation for the purchase of a new laptop. The laptop enables our undergraduate and graduate student interns to access archival material, photographs, and data necessary to develop and execute exhibits such as this, as well as to complete a variety of research projects during their internships at the Jackson Center.

The Robert H. Jackson Center envisions a global society where the universal principles of equality, fairness and justice prevail.

Connie Young EU Champion of Maxine Hong Kingston style contempt for all of Chinese history, culture, and literate was endorsed by Pres. Clinton’s humanities medal in 1998 and Pres. Obama's arts medal (I forget exactly when) but neh and nea are Far Mulan studies need not apply.

The race is on – and it looks like oh my! George going to the inside - FDR's 90066 – seems fouling the track – and here comes

Oh! Your god! Hagfish McConnell is s communist moaner over his Oriental Ornament Elaine Chao! Gimme Millions Yellow hon



Not NHK's Sanga Myuo but TV Tokyo’s 2019 histo-drama FUTATSU NO SOKOKU, a send-up about romance and drama inside U.S.A.'s WWII Japanese American gulags from the usual disconnected Japanese POV, 2:30-8 pm for three more weeks – Episode I aired on July 21 with consciences-less Togo Tanaka-like main character working for the "information Bureau" at Manzanar and a divide between Pro-American and ProNippon factions battling inside the barbed wire. Loyalty Oath, draft, wrenching familial and cultural pressures - I laughed, I cried, I switched over to the Dodger game. One star. Aw, well...


There are advantages to knowing the origins and development of your language from nothing to Chinese to Korean to Japanese -

TV Tokyos 2019 histo-drama Futatsu No Sokoku is proof. of the Japanese of Japan and their pop art (regulated – there are no-no's and yes-yes’s, that aren't observed in the USA, ever! like past TV films accurately depicting Masaoka-like JACL leader selling the Japs soldiers to the Gov, by holding the Nikkei pop-men-women-and-children hostage. The young women in the ten camps, sell their bodies at night to the white guards for nylon stockings. The JACL stooges in the US Gov keep the Jap crap out of the USA. Japs here, never hear the truth from the JACL or a Jap in congress or Gov.


The Japs that read literature of the world as literature and not the gospel truth, sneer at the cowardice and the betrayal of Japanese culture based on dedication to codes - of classes - Toshiro Sasaki – (the perfect handsome samurai) and Musashi Miyamoto – (the perfect trouble-maker) who breaks all the rules you can think of - he doesn't wash – he has no manners - turns farm tools and chopsticks into death dealing weapons - all of civilized society he doesn't wash. He doesn't care about personal hygiene? He has no manners. He turns farm tools into deadly weapons.


Musashi by breaking all the rules – of civil society – all he meets – to the essence of the tool – or brush – or improvised tool - the selfish farmer - finds community and with outlaw Musashi works out Japanese morals & ethics together knowledge picked up on the road. The Buddhists find Buddha - the artists find their art., the etcetera find their etcetera, and

Shosuke Sasaki says his mother called Musasahi a "bumpkin" she disliked Musashi.

Yoshi sails to us - Seattle - Pomerory at 10 – samurai - one throw – stock analyst- retires- to Seattle - tweedy bird – the stock analyst – the conscience of the northwest – [I never talked with Shoshuke about his sister, and his beloved wife. I meet nether after I meet Shosuke Sasaki in 1978. First impression; he's a sad man.]

Shosuke Sasaki always appears in clean and pressed clothes (even golf shirts) and groomed, in keeping with handsome ancestral dandy Kojiro Sasaki famous for taking the death blow from slovenly Musashi Miyamoto.

Musasahi Miyamoto vs Kojiro Sasaki in America becomes the wacky reading of Hajiime "Jim" Skutsu vs the Samurai ideals of Shosuke Sasaki.

They don't see eye to eye, but Shosuke the elder and Hajiime, the new Nisei seed - the American - younger, are friends.


Richard Wright Black Boy - shorty, the elevator operator – amuses his white riders by picking up quarters tossed on the floor, with his lips. he says he plans on using the money he makes to move to Chicago. In Chicago, he will use his skill to pass for Chinese.

Where in Mississippi, Arkansas, and Tennessee does Richard Wright meet Chinese who show off for whites by picking up quarters they throw on the floor, off the floor, with their Chinese lips?

A distinguished black librarian, at the Madison conference, attacks the Chinese writer for perpetuating a white racist stereotype of blacks.

Richard Wright's source of Chinese info is in the papers. Movies. Charlie Chan from the old country – sigh and slump - - (always played by a white man) and Charlie Chan’s goofy Chinese sons raised in the city, trying to lip the hip lingo of the day (played by real Chinese Americans in the days of hyphens)

If the black librarian had gone boing! And asked, where do the Chinese get the stereotypes of Afro-Americans, black slavery, American negroes. Nigger as a bad word, and blacks where there are no blacks in their local America?

The movies.

The blacks own and operate – newspaper magazine, movie prod co, media- the first nations experience (of Canada – owns and operates the same universe of media -

the Chinese don’t. The Chinese don't own and operate a media universe. The Asians of America don't.

The Japanese of Japan do, of course. the Japanese of Japan are not American Nikkei. Their art is different. Japan is state run. American Nikkei art is not state run, or dominated by a wise artist beloved by whites with taste.

The Koreans in America do. Korean Americans don’t.

Yellows read black boy, and discover Richard Wright goes to the movies and is infected with the Hollywood stereotype of Charlie Chan.

Blacks discover Hollywood as the source.

The colored people look at the similarities and the dissimilarities between the Hollywood, and the white stereotype of their people, specifically – in the words of the twenties and thirties: The Social-Darwinists - the Yellows aren't out to cop another's history or degree or kind of white racism you suffer.

If the Jews say the Gov's use of the JACL is similar to the Nazi use of the JACL and Mike Masaoka, they might have helped to stop JACL Norm Mineta talking the Sec of Interior to allow the Masaoka JACL monument in the same park as the marine corp monument, the Korean war monument, and Vietnam wall. Masaoka the Nikkei hater-Nisei traitor.

And the Sansei don't care. I point to that fact, as proof, the Bettina Goering effect is at work in Asian America.

The proof? Nobody Yellow cares.

The proof that nobody Yellow cares? The Yellow pitch to Joe Papp of the New York public theater, in the form of a reading of Bertolt Brecht's- "The Good Woman of Szewchwan "– every white racist word of contempt for the Chinese read by Yellow actors – some from the cast of my plays, read for FX.

Brecht doesn't hate Chinese; the Szechwan of the play are not Chinese. They are metaphors. American whites know Szechwan is the birth of the Tao, Chinese communal civilization founded on pop control of water – and the Yellow River to the sea.

A cast member invites me, and Joe Papp sits next to me and narrates.

What Bettina doesn't know about her face can hurt her when she finds out.

Is that the voice of George Takei I hear knocking my local broadcaster's mic?

There goes Hong Kong. The animals of the lunar zodiac at the largest Disneyland in the world – and Shanghai – are Pluto, Donald Duck, etc. etc.

Richard Wright - Black Boy - a stereotype by Hollywood – vs Bessio Loo selling the wacky lingo garble of real Chinese Americans as the sons of (tee hee) Charlie Chan (acted as white sissy - Warner Oland – or Sidney Toler, tipsy to happy sissy or stumble -

Back in the mists of the distant past 1989 Maxine Hong Kingston is in the air of Kiro - newsradio Seattle – on Frank Abe's interview show.  Maxine Hong Kingston says: "They [the Chinese who came to America] forgot a lot of their myths. Many changed myths because they had new adventures. many changed myths to explain their situations.they were having."

The Whistler: whistles – footsteps =

The Whistler: Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Think, Maxine.


The Whistler: Didn't the Chinese invent a device? For keeping the forgetful in touch with their myths?


The Whistler: The device is called books. Yes, written books. In times reading in imperial colloquialisms is forbidden – the folk read "liquor" jow- "rice" fahn - "juk" rice porridge – regional – and develop a mock class and imperial manners and bad habits.

For instance. You. You objective thinker. Do you think Maxine Hong Kingston, knows that Emperor Xuansong who gives up the Tang for a lot of jolly time with fatass yang guei fay? the party girl who has Emperor Xuansong kick Li Po, pooor Li Po, the ever happy drunk poet, out of court, and condemned to hunan province - (just above Kanwgtung – but separated by impassable mountains- whew!) known as the land of subhuman monsters.

To assure Turk loyalty Emperor Xuansong's Prime Minister employs only tribute hostages as imperial guards. Emperor Xuansong also sells scholar-official positions to pay for his profligate happy.

Then Emperor Xuansong's Janissriy Turkic guards force the Emperor Xuansong to kill fatass Yangui Fei.

In Singapore there is a long operatic poem sung in Yanggui Fay's thoughts. In this Singapore operating psychology version, Yang willingly dies to make Emperor Xuansong's blood boil up the courage to take the empire back!

As long as the Chinese can write , they can never forget.

Only those that want to forget. Forget to tell.

Still. It is written.

Only those who want to forget. Forget.

The Whistler (as the shadow - invisible snd fx) = who knows what evil lurks in the heart of man? the shadow knows!


The Whistler: Yeeaaasss. I know many things. For I walk by night. I have seen the men and women who have dared step into the shadows.


The Whistler: Yeeeass! I know the secrets! They dare not speak.

(Whistler's whistle.)

How to understand the myriad Asian nations of Asia? Their literature. The Chinese heroic tradition is known everywhere, and at home in Muslim countries to the west of China and Korea and Japan to the East.

The will of each nation, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar (old Thailand and province of China itself, to be distinctly itself – is told in their history of overcoming, or becoming Chinese, before besting the Chinese at advancing the thought and theory of Confucius and the Chinese, toward Korean and Japanese and mongol new and wicked combos.

Only the Bessie Loo agents and Joe Papp's wrongheaded favor to the Yellow "theater professionals of the New York Public Theater are grateful to play arthouse asshole, crybaby, bitch and whore metaphors of themselves.

White god damn it! Szechwan is Sichuan is Four Rivers in Chinese. However the white spells in in white man's talk – it is always – Sze (four) churn - (rivers)

Yellows in America Yuji Ichioka and Russell Leong at UCLA are too old Mao commie to understand. Szechwan is not a Commie artistic metaphor. It is a white code word after word of contempt for Szechwan. and all that Szech∑Ån means to the Chinese sense of self, around the world.

In the literary sense, of course, and a literary sensibility, most preferred.


Who do you trust with Asian and Asian American literature?

July 31,2019 – Commie China - Taiwan – Hong Kong Singapore – Japan- S Korea – commie comic book – N Korea – are echoes and flashes of "Kingdoms rise and fall. Nations come and go" from "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms."

We failed to read the translation of "General Yue Fei" in 1975- the same year as advance copies of 'The Woman Warrior " is sent - we failed to come together in the oath - we failed to be men & women -like the 108 Outlaws - the Chinese folk live in a universe of men- Liu Pei (heaven) Kwan Kung (man) Chiang Fei (earth) are men - they are not gods – they are the best men at the time - they embody the Han-morals are community ethics – are altruistic and written as time and space move - the white and Muslim religion morals are set and unchangeable except by a god that does not communicate - the purge of departments in commie China following a newspaper protest over demoting Yue Fei from a Chinese hero to an interesting person – is an 80's trap - the PRC issues a series of postage stamps with scenes from Yue Fei's life.

Martin Yan – lives the Tao – he never insults his visits or visitors- he seems trying to build a lively audience – the Yellows (and he brings in all Yellows and their chefs and barkeeps) look like they have guns pointed at their heads and the command given with a leer – smile or else!

Martin Yan fights two centuries of scared stiff generations for an audience under white colonialist, nationalist and communist dictatorships, Taiping Rebellion, Boxer Rebellion...

Ming Tsai – is all American ego – his form to the death-tarzan yell! Ming is believer in the Cameron House Jade Snow Wong Maxine Hong Kingston - Charlie Chan stereotype of Bessie Loo's "professionals" - the Korean p'ansaori storyteller in the movie "Chunhyang" asks a theater audience to encourage his telling five hour story by giving voice and giving body to urges that well up. An hour in, the voice and the drummer take hold. The audience stirs.

Chunh'yang" is told as a fantasy history of royal love for a nonoconubine beauty who demands – a promise of being his wife – and not a plaything. Both the royal and Chunhyang are seen frolicking naked like children while mom prepares a meal.

The scene is long and hides not a hair but the effect is innocent sex - while mom cooks in the next house.

Unlike Nagisa Oshima's Japanese Shakespeare in your face!! "In the Realm of the Senses" tha† observes sex gone mad while the Japanese nation marches men to war in China.

It's time the artists – the Yellow artists say what they are doing. To each other. In front of a Yellow audience.

The real artists are not scared. Our time has run out. Thanks to the Chinese Americans born after 1940.

Have we really run out of Yellow Art? Nobody Yellow has the guts to ask -just ask ambassador Gary Locke if Far Mulan was tattooed as Mad Max says? I'm amazed that nobody Yellow has the art to note the similarity Twixt Masaoka's lies about the Nisei and the Jewish judenradt toadying up to their Nazi oppressors.

Masaoka is dead, right?

Excuses. He's retired. He's not retired. Ask him. Are you retired? Why elect a Yellow to an office of white power, if you can't ask that Yellow a Yellow question about white people ? The elected Yellow is a public servant. Ask him or her Anything. We elected him.

Ask him. He's dead. Ask him. The dead great and near great and self-important cling to the life of their writing.

Sam is five or six - Kwan , directs, writes and narrates – 15 half hour docs shot around the world and Cuba – hr finds a sham Chinatown with a homosexual sing of Desi Arnez songs as his Chinese act – the Chung Wah is abandon by the PRC. No Kwan Kung in the "Chinese restaurants" Cuba episode.

Pok Chi Lau - a photographer teacher at the U of Kansas – happens to be in Havana around the same time as the Canadian crew, and finds a 71 year old adopted daughter of a Chinaman who teaches her to sing and perform and direct Cantonese operas. A Kwan Kung poster from the 1960's is photoed in the hands of Arminda's grandson.

Liu Pei (heaven) Kwan Kung (man) Chiang Fei (earth) are not gods - they are men - like us – our ancestors choose to trust until Liu, Kwan, Jiang, and Chew fail they fail – the ideals of Han shine again in the tang. Blazes brilliance then comes the 7th Tang Emperor Taiziong and his obsession with Yang Kueifei's fatass - and the rebellion that sets him fleeing to Szechwan, and the rebellion on Taizong's Janissary guards as he flees. Kills Yang Kueifei or we kill you.

Someone says I have never earned a nickel in my life. True.

My writing is deemed worth less than contempt spit as a gob on the floor. Reminds me of Li Po mixing spit in the floor and ink and a painting of him cuddling a tiger in happy sleep.

My writing is a way to the fantastic world of Asian folk lit to the movies and Hollywood - and Monkey and Kwanyin leave journey to the west 3 chapters before the fake happy end - the impossible lovers run to a dimension beyond Buddha's Nirvana, and tickle themselves to dimensions way beyond

It is written

July 31, 2019 7:34 pm-

Li Po reportedly writes his last poem drunk and trying to capture the reflection on the moon in a water jug. A wash basin stupid! Huh? Li Po carries a wash basin with a layer of water spread to the basin edges. Until he sees the moon in the basin. Li Po writes of the folly of capturing the moon by drunks or anybody. And the room full of monsters before fishing and hunting the morning fog along the dismal river stand Li Po drinks to hear his stories.

August 1, 2019 - Thursday

Can you take the country out of the boy? Yan can cook - Chengdu -

August 3, 2019 - 9th weekend of protest in Hong Kong -

If the Yellows of America stopped the crybaby competition with the blacks and browns and colors galore for white sympathy and love - and hang on a common understanding of our fucking or nonofucking selves –

Like the trio of the Peach Garden - that evolves into the Water Margin - that grows with knowledge to General Yue Fei and the Far Mulan sisters Liang Hongyu and Mu Guiying-

Our continuing the struggle to plant old seeds in new ground might give the folks still living in the old homes of Hong Kong Taiwan Korea Singapore Asian courage (if courage exists here. But aiiieeeeee! can't find a trace of it. I've been looking since 1940. The Yellow lobby groups have folded their tents and fled for white skirts. the Yellow politicians don't know what they talk about. Shameful if you're Yellow, and funny as Pearl Buck and Pearl Harbour if you're not. But we Chinese that have transformed ourselves, according to Will Irwin, from race adversaries [of the superior white race of San Francisco] to our dear subject people" (1906) accept the superior morals of the white racist - and dictate Yellowinferiority to the white man and love being free of morals & ethics and all sense! Freedom of responsibility! Free!

The tongs possess all the honor of Chinese individuality. The tongs are hated for knowing white Frisco better than any white man. We know the enemy as well as ourselves. That's life. Life is war.

I am not a Chinese-American. Chinese-Americans are white ornamental orientals.

The Chinaman's view of George Takei's love of white of white lights of TV is expressed in my art of facts and knowledge "Born in the USA" against his fake facts deeply vocally stylized as high fallutin syllable bulging vocab oh my! Nonsense.

My Chinaman art vs George Takei – because my art and his art gives me the right. Take this sniff as a slap across the chops from the four authors of the melodrama Frederiique Lematitre, just murdered with his snide asides, and challenge him to a duel. In Marcel Carne's "Les Enfant Du Paradis."

A duel with art. We each get an hour to show our art is more than stuff. And an endless hour face to face. Children permitted with at least one parent. Bring a pillow and blanket. Bring your lunch. A Tao meet on the street of life.

Oh freedom!

George Takei - the JACL – and the US Gov – vs frank chin – the author of George Takei's best acting- and worst acting – the fred he steals from the stage performance of randall duk kim– chin and cohorts stage the reunion of the fair play committee with frank emi in l.a.. George Takei is at the new union church and that is as close to emi or james omura as George got or as close as the back of the crowd . he is one of the crowd.

If his "they called us enemy" falsifies the arrest of frank emi, who's going to sue for libel? slander? lying?. and no Japanese American lawyer or politician knows his people's own history well enough to do anything but bite their lips.

The honor of Chinaman art does not allow me to the honor of calling George a white man's ornamental oriental – telling lies about his honoralble people .

I can call him anything I want.

Oh, freedom!

But I'm not Japanese American. Or a Japanese American artist.

Free! Freee! To see a Yellow star kiss white ass.

August 5. 2019 - Dayton - El Paso Trump first time use words "racism" Katy Tur notes. And 'white supremacy" says BBC. Hong Kong goes on strike – airport? Beijing Gov – calls their army and Triad thugs - the Triads have always controlled the ports of Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore.

The duel of the Yellow artists - Frank Chin – Chickencoop Chinaman & The Year of the Dragon, (Aiiieeeee!, and CARP publishers of Okada's No-No Boy,) Donald Duk, Born in the USA) vs George Takei – (Star Trek – Baa Baa Blacksheep, Howard Stern Show, TED talks, & series of autobiographies "Allegiance" – "To be Takei," "They Called Us Enemy.)"

Free to anyone interested – a fin for a Yellow's lunch. In the cigar box, please.

Hing Hay Park is a community gathering place – a neutral ground for you to pick up the gauntlet. Before fans, witnesses, passers by, the lost.

George Takei.

Hing Hay Park in Seattle is where.

Give me two weeks ahead of when.

And I'll be there.

The Real vs The Fake - the sig of the two plays at the American Place Theater (The APT) is run by Wynn Handman - is they are the first stage prod not sponsored by a University Sociology program -the Frisco Workshop drew audiences from the Yellow to Tan communities surrounding the California St location. From Chinatown through the Richmond District to the sea.

George Takei is for who has guns - Chin is for the written word - no guns - no money -

George Takei -from fantasyland white sci-fi – discovered on UCLA campus by Gene Roddenbery - Sulu - the name intentional racial confusion – the mission redefine the Jap-Americans of WWII - he makes hell to eternity – with Miko Taka – Japan TV- asks George why hasn't he acknowledged he was in hell to eternity – directed by Phil Karlson - with – Miko Taka, and Japanese American actors Michi Koba Reikoo Sato?

Miko Taka is the actress wife of Sessue Hayakawa. She plays George's mother.

She tells 14 year old George a truncated version of Momotaro that moves George to accept the abandon white boy, older brother who's a coach of high school sports, brings home. The abandon kid grows up in a Japanese American family to be Jeffery Hunter as Gabaldon – who doesn't appear until the day before Pearl Harbour- with the second half opens. To war in the Pacific. And Sessue Hayakawa a real gen - Matsui commanding Gen of Saipan – in the war action half of the movie.

The Japanese are interested in an American Jap's memories of acting with a pioneer of the American films silent old days? The Japanese interviewer asks, in Japan, about generations of Japanese actors.

George simply did not respond. He shuts down. I ask him myself in an interview of my own, in the days before the interviews inform my scripts and fiction. He shuts down.

The Japanese station still headlined their story: George Takei talks of acting with Miko Taka.

The transcript of my interview with George is in my papers at UC Santa Barbara library, at UW.

Unbeknownst to me, Ishmael Reed - writer collector of the multi-cultural Bay area anthology "19 Necromancers From Now" sends the Chickencoop script to Chiz Schultz, at Harry Belafonte enterprises, and he sends the script to Wynn Handman, at the American place theater in New York City. And Wynn Handman gives me a call.

Kenneth Anger -

Art – a simulation of reality -

I didn't ask to be born.

Walter Cronkite: (you are there!): Who are you?

Poon Goo: How do I know?

International airport Hong Kong – thousands – demonstrators - riot police - -


You seem to have the connections to get my comedy out to the Japs and Chinks of the last two centuries in America sort of reading -

Too bad you can't get anyone to write or talk to their Yellow politician - and ask about Masaoka and obedient the 442nd under the eye of the JACL and the Gov. what is the source of the JACL 442nd bravery? The Japs are still ashamed of themselves for bombing Pearl Harbor – too bad the Yellows are too chicken to ask their Yellow politician about the truth of the woman warrior Far Mulan being tattooed by her parents as Pres Clinton and Pres Obama repeat the contempt of Maxine Hong Kingston?

So the Kung Fu American Yellow muscles of the movies can't talk to real people in the real world. They only talk to extras. Because they're Yellow stars.

Let's engineer a show of American Yellows stuffing the stereotype back up the white man's racist ass. A show they've expected in Hong Kong, from America a long. Long time now.

The China we leave expects us to take authority over our history of coming to America. They don't expect us throw faces on the floor in shame for not being white. But whimper and sob is all we've done since Pearl Buck's MGM film of "The Good Earth" with MGM dictated whites only in in the leads! and we've been happy as bessie loo agency professionals with a wink an Irving Thalberg and second rate, ever since.

Get Keone Young, the most hated and grudgingly recognized for workmanlike acting on time on the the mark – and more and not unwelcome add to the acting – and the crybabies with movie muscles in Frisco D.A. Adachi's "the slanted screen-" this rushed movie venture is Adachi's "Mr. D.A." an old radio show - David Brien as Mr District Attorney. David Brien is the white attorney, in intruder in the dust – based on a William Faulkner novel.

The diff between the imperial court of the high as one can go – represented by men claiming to have taken dictation from god. The words they have written is their proof.

And the folk who say bullplop to all that fake proof –

The only god the folk know is the first known ancestor of the family - I didn't ask to be born - the one always cries -

The folk are represented in the stages of man and trust among men – Three Kingdoms -Kwan Kung goes from dedicated soldier to water margin – the center of attention goes from the soldier, to Soong Gong, a county clerk who accounts for all who pass through his jurisdiction - and he is knowledgeable of all weapons and can instruct – but is not expert – a man has learned to recognize talent, and distribute it's use without jealousy.

A Kwan Kung like character – is created in Water Margin – he's not rejected

The characters based on real heroes evolve - thru Monkey to Yue Fei & the stepsisters of Far Mulan, Liang Hongyyu , and Mu Guiying of the Song - that falls to the foreigner Kublai Khan – and signals he's really Chinese with the name name of his dynasty Yuan, the Yuan is Chinese again in the Ming, and Chen Lianngyu of the Ming. The Manchus Avange the Mongols Ming, and replace it with the corrupt, rotted and rotten qing, Ching the Final Dynasty, but not the end of time.

I call to the Kung Fu – Karate – Judo roots of martial artists to recognize Kwan Kung as the man behind your manly art – he is one of you . ask the questions that have to be answered before any Yellow in America is taken seriously.

Send a word of encouragement to Hong Kong from the Yellow world of entertainment -

The Chin vs Takei – hosted by Keone Young – the uncredited perfectly bad singer of Armerican songs in "Air America " directed by Robert Spottiswoode - Mel Gibson – Robert Downey, Jr - at Hing Hay Park -

I'd like to write his understanding of Mako's theatrical theory: we are all fools – I'd like to hear he was beginning to change with "And the Soul Shall Dance-"

I'd like to see Martin Yan vs Ming Tsai on the road ...


The most genuine Yellow entertainer whose being attracts Yellow affection – like pat Morita & Jack Soo - approaches the American Hollywood affection for actor-activists Konrad Veidt & Peter Lorre stand for German art & culture boldly against Nazi usurpation of German civilization by Adolf Hitler- is – or are Pat Noriyuke Morita & Jack Soo. They insisted on being known for playing Nazi -or Nazi-like villains.

The Yellow affection Yellows have is personally timid to secret- the reasons- Masaoka licking white ass as the JACL, winning USA Gov custody of Japanese America- and white racist contempt for the Yellows as intelligent, cowards & stateless queers - rejected by every nation -including where we come from.

From where do we learn to believe we came to America to become white? From the same place that James Hong gets his orders "the white industry " whites and Bessie Loo the public agent of white Hollywood who supplies the Yellows that give the geography of Southern California an authentic Chinese atmosphere. And make Pearl Buck's novel, The Good Earth, a white racist Pearl, as the first movie of the movie morals act of the hays committee – "The Good Earth" – forbidden foreigners (nonwhites – like Hawakwa who leaves h'wd and valentino who dies-) in the leads - stars – second leads -ok James Hong the "professional" in the "industry" appears on o'farrell bros – porn pioneer - "the green door " escap – and Aftra the actors unions has rules against movie actors working in a porn movie, pioneer or not. He's turned in! There's James Hong as a butler in Chinatown, and an eye maker in Bladerunner.

What of Japan's movie critic turned porn meister with "In the Realm of the Senses"? - a film condemned in Japan as porn till the French art film buffs took to it – Nagisa Oshima is celebrated as a movie maker who goes deep into Japans social issues – he is last seen as a food critic raconteur on the pop competitive food prep show "The Iron Chef".

So, instead of going for the Yellow entertainer who sneaks into Yellow affection and attendant, guilt (what will the whites think?) the Yellow entertainer everyone would rather not know – but grudgingly see, as bad as he is, real or not, he is the only Yellow man in the American little important parts played by a real Yellow.

Of course, I speak of, a man who needs an introduction! Keone Young.

Keone Young - plays an upright piano and sings Hong Kong blues to cheer up the battle of Hong Kong vs PRC

Hong Kong blues -

It's a story of a very unfortunate colored man who got arrested in old Hong Kong/ he got plenty of privileges taken away from when he kicked old Buddha's gong/ and now he bobbin the piano just to raise the price/ far a ticket to the land of the free / well he say his home's in Frisco where they send the rice. / but it's really in Tennessee./ that's what what he say/ I need somebody to love me/ I need somebody to care-ree me home to San Francisco/ and bury my body there. / /I need someone to love me / a fifty dollar bill and then i'll leave Hong Kong behind me / for happiness once again/ / won't someone believe i've a yen to see that bank again / each time I try to leave / sweet opium won't let me fly away / I need someone to love me / need somebody to care-ree me home - to San Francisco and bury my body there.

Keone Young, will ask , George Takei – why did George Takei reveal his fondling of a white boy in his dressing, when nobody knew or knows of such a boy? Are you that desperate for ...uhhh... fans?

Yellows are not refugees – we are not people that came to America to become White or be changed into a White man's version of reality.

The Yellows that know they came to America to give up Yellow for White supremacy are born after the whites of San Francisco have had us in White custody from 1849 till the turn of the 19th cent into the 20th Century.

They leave the airport - the airport police the the airport of printed posters describing of police - tactics. The difference between a local like Hong Kong and the nation with the guns - the PRC spokesman accuses the protestors of being terrorists! Local or the PRC - like the people having to choose between contradictory orders from three sides - Luo Kuanzhong Romance of the Three Kingdoms - is the story of the men who follow the efforts of liu pei , to restore the morals of the han , supported by money arms and clothing from jiang fei's self-sufficient farm, and the arms & strategy of a man, Kwan Kung. the Han has been usurped by Cho Cho (Cao Cao) "i'd rather betray they world than be betrayed." Which bodes not a recognition Han morals. And to the South Yuan Shao, a Cao Cao follower turn to his own arms-- now his son commands the whole east coast from the Yellow River to the Yangtse... Yuan is considering an alliance with Cho Cho.

Kungming (Geegawk Leong) the strategest - Liu Pei – campaign to woo the Yuan Princess into marriage over a week of written instructions- while Kongming the strategist debates Yuan strategists in front of Yuan.

Toward the end of the Kublai Khan's campaign to Vietnam – there was a Chinese merchant who gave his neighbors a plan to use the land of Vietnam to defeat Kublai Khan- a plan for booby traps of SD bamboo sharpened to puncture – and under ground living and defense for platoon sized units – the vegetation and lushness and mosquitoes bugged the horses and bad news sends kublai north to the capital and beat his brother to the khan of khans. his book of plans and diagrams of his traps and underground structures is locked behind think glass and chained with a large lock in Hanoi... if only I could recall the name of the Chinaman patriot of Vietnam.

Frank Leslie's Weekly magazine – Frenzeny & Tavernier – engravings & story – Chinese opera – catches my eye – Baxter Street Clubhouse -the picture on the wall behind the gamblers at table is obviously Kwan Kung, seen and drawn fast Chinese shrimp harvest in Monterey – the engraving is paneled. the Chinese in various activities, netting the shrimp, drying the thousands of shrimp. The scenes in Marlon Brando directed "One Eyed Jacks" with Phillip Ahn, as the operator of a hotel for badguys on the run, at his shrimp bed, is the only depiction of a shrimp bed that is like the engravings in Frank Leslie's weekly of the 1870's. A visit to Phillip Ahn's house with photographer Nathan Lee, from SF State, puts my hands on the uncut – unedited first script- to One Eyed Jacks- the scene with Phillip Ahn at the shrimp bed is pages and pages the velvet voice of Phillip Ahn won't allow me to copy.

August 13, 2019 – Hong Kong – called Hong Kong – PRC called "Peking" Seattle is Seattle – and USA Gov called "Washington." Ben Rhodes- the Atlantic mag- Aung San Suu Kyi – out of power – civil rights – to get power - the fear of losing power turns one against change – Aung San Suu Kyi.

Hong Kong – day two of airport shutdown - passengers trapped – flts in - but not out - protestors called "rioters" – approaChing "terrorists" which would trigger the release of pla miitary response modeled on Tiananmen massacre - whoopee!

Well, Keone Young has my number – he needs advice before he reads from Okdada's No-No Boy for an Asian-American recording co - I tell him to read No-No Boy first than call me. Once he reads all of No-No Boy, I want tell him, Okada's No-No Boy, is Shakespeare's 94th Sonnett- "they that have the power to hurt, and will do none,/they that do not do the thing they most do show."

Keone never calls back - but he does the read for an Asian American publishing co - does the AACO pay the Okada family royalties? Probably not, because CARP, the publishers gave the rights from Tuttle - cheat themselves out of the rights for believing the University of Washington kept their word. the UW does not keep it's word.

I'd like Keone to consider playing the host of the Chin vs Takei – over messing up "The Year of the Dragon" as an Don Rickles – mean aggressive putdown artist -

The scene: Hing Hay Park - Maynard & King Street - Seattle - the event; a duel of artists with the weapons of their art:

What's the beef? Chin authored the play-The Year of the Dragon - Randy Kim creates the lead role - on stage wins notice in Newsweek & the New Yorker – George Takei – plays Fred in TV staging of the play. Chin notes that George usurp's Randy Kim's fleshing out and blooding of Fred. Chin has to be properly stoned to accept George's performance as not hiding his kissing himself all over.

As the last actor to play Fred, the lead, in The Year of the Dragon, I have experienced having the lead thrust on the actor, by the cast, whoever is cast. Chin notices the difference in Randy Kim's leadership, and George Takei's.

Also; Frank Chin and Aiiieeeee! literary research goes from Okada's No-No Boy, to the heart mt Fair Play Committee , winning an amnesty and an apology for the time spent under the impression the nikkei had no rights in camp. the wra & JACL are wrong. Attached to the amnesty is a letter to the resisters from the commandant of the American Legion - the WRA and the army can't be sued. But the JACL can. Go gettem!

George Takei sees the Fair Play Committee of Ht Mt, a camp states away in Wyoming through a child's eye of imagination in his play written for him not exactly, by him "Allegiance".

George Takei's sees the Fair Play Committee of Heart Mountain as traitors to the JACL vision of Japanese America. Were they really for Seattle being taken over by short little Hiro Hito's with white mans big guns on their shoulders?

Notice! I say nothing. Nothing, ladies and gentlemen, not a word about the brilliant performance, directed by Mako. Of myself. (Keone flashes from sweaty, buggeyed, clashing eyebrows Don Rickles to cute, soft, and cuddly and still male – sort of like Mako in a mellow mood over food and beer.)

Cheer up Hong Kong - now on with the show - (aside to Emily who's not there.) You're right, Emily. Every little bit helps.

Japan unit 731 at Haiphong, and Himmlers secret scientific experiments to prevent bio infections. From the laboratories at Aushchwitz comes – charged charged with malaria from feeding on Jewish prisoners dying of malaria induced by mosquito bites.

The combo of people I energize my message to, a few will strum their nostalgia and Keone Young owes me a call.

August 14, 2019- Wednesday-

Taste of Malaysia – Martin Yan cooks with Queen Tuamaku Hajah Haminish at the Roual Istana – the original iron chef – has the wife of Japanese ambassador to Tahiland, who studied royal cooking and took lessons from a queen of Thailand, challenges iron chef Chinese to a match - Chairman Kaga unveils the secret ingredient: pineapple – or sugar cane – or Taro -

The hagfsh of Kentucky seals a deal for a Russian Alumininum factory for the blugrass state and money in his pocket. Mrs Hagfish Elaine Chao's dad in Taiwan gives the Hagfish family two million and growing dollars. Think of it: Mrs Hagfish as pregnant!!!!

What will the offspring of the Hagfish and the ornamental oriental look like? Too horrible to imagine. Remember the creepy scene in "Rosemary's Baby" at Jimmy Hongs creepy sushi bar? ... No, you don't! Why did you think a blink? The creep Jimmy Hong comes to mind. The blink isn't your fault. It's the movie's fault.

Orson Welles radio is real – radio is the sound fx of h'wd & New York – Stan Freberg – radio can flash here to there from now to the unimaginable - Rod Serling – Gene Roddenberry – Lewis Milestone (from "All Quiet on the Western Front" and "Walk in the sun," and "The Purple Heart" to "The Halls of Montezuma " streamline movie tech to tv - and "Have Gun Will Travel".)

Thursday - August 15, 2019-

– Trump advises Netanyahu of Isreal not to admit Omar & Talib from the house of representatives into Israel - Omar & Talib hate Israel- the USA & Israel are religious white supremacist dictatorships - Colonel Leslie groves designs and builds then camps toe house Japs in six months! He's promoted to General and puts together the Manhattan project in 1942 – his wish is President.

Roosevelt's command – groves chooses Oppenheimer to run the science - and where and what is built and what is sought and the way in and out – the similarity between the Jap camps and the Manhattan Project is – speed - manpower - and shhhhh!

Monkey in hell and eyes and ears on all time learns that what is written stays written and cannot be changed – the writer changes and writes today -

Ray Bradbury - a sound of thunder - time travel rules do not step off the clean bridge and change a living thing in the past we walk - and oops a tourist trips and steps on and smashes a butterfly. Upon the return from the past to the present the travelers notice several small but significant and sinister changes to everything from spelling to the outcomes of elections. - The hero guide raises his weapon at the clumsy tourist. There's the sound of thunder. The Bradbury story is made into an ec comic - then several tv incarnations.

Ray Bradbury has written Herman Melville for John Huston- and Orson Welles to voice,

The writers from the top to pop say one writer cannot rewrite what is written, no matter how right the time.