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San Francisco led the nation in White racist stereotyping of the Chinese fresh off the boat, then got serious when missionary Donaldina Cameron hit town and invented the cruel woman-hating Chinaman and his victim woman stereotype whole cloth. Joseph Conrad loved only Poles and Englishmen and hated the Yellows and other non-Whites. California writer Pierton W. Dooner hated the Yellows with charm and delight in his fanciful Social Darwinist shrill THE LAST DAYS OF THE REPUBLIC. Donaldina Cameron imprisoned Chinese women in her Cameron House brainwashed them, converted them to Christianity and sent them back to China to discourage their countrymen from coming to America. Social Darwinists at Stanford said America was White Man’s Land. Her stereotype was a lie that was repeated and made “authentic” by brainwashed Cameron House daughter Jade Snow Wong and her ghostwriter for FIFTH CHINESE DAUGHTER. The invention of the Cameron House stereotype has since been repeated and advanced in books and plays by Maxine Hong Kingston, David Henry Hwang, Amy Tan, White Carolyn See and her half Chinese daughter Lisa See, and the films by Wayne Wang. The bars on the windows were there to keep the girls in, not to keep lusting Chinamen out. They have falsified Chinese culture and children’s literature to gibe with their picturesque lies about Chinese culture.

San Francisco and Sociology, the museums, the historical societies, the English departments, Asian American Studies, all say faking Chinese literary culture’s all right. Just don’t touch sacred White culture. I speak from Confucius’s lowest of the low: a Chinaman artist.

As the lowest of the lowly Chinaman artists I say, mucking with a Chinese children’s story is not all right. As the lowest of the low, I’m talking to you, Chinaman. It’s time you shucked this awkward “Chinese-American” crap you’ve been swallowing since 1889,and took back what you used to call yourself, “Chinamen,” Chinaman. Not “Chinese-American.”

The schools of San Francisco are teaching the fake Cameron House Jade Snow Wong Maxine Hong Kingston Amy Tan as the real of Chinese culture to your kids, Chinaman. All their Chinese characters Far Mulan, the Woman Warrior, the Kitchen God, Kwan Kung, the God of war are all written and have been read sung and told for centuries. The real is kept out of American air and print by Cameron House propaganda and Christian prejudice. Fake work breeds fake work. The star of your San Francisco Chinatown Film Festival was a Charlie Chan movie? The Chinese preacher read from his book, on the Gospel of Charlie Chan at City Lights Bookstore and said the Chinese have to accept Charlie Chan as the stereotype of ourselves, because we have no stereotype of our own. And he wasn’t run out town screaming like a girl? The fakes being taught in your school in your town are all White racist fakes. Why do you take it, Chinaman?

It’s time the Chinese of San Francisco woke up. China men don’t beat up their women for fun or ego. The women are not punishment freaks. You’ve been lied to long enough.

In the long gone uncertain days of Heaven, Man, and Earth and men were men like Kwan Kung, just a man. An observant man. A man who could respect a man like himself no matter where he was from. Kwan was a soldier. Kwan could respect a soldier he had crossed weapons against in combat. He learned the character of the men who clashed weapons against him. Learning that your opponent is skilled or inept is understandable. But the Chinese say a “Hero recognizes a hero” in passing. Kwan Kung the soldier is the lowest a man can go and still be a “hero” He didn’t read anybody a hero that I can recall, but everybody goodguy or badguy read Kwan Kung as an unquestionable hero. From Chinese history, to the opera, to the first novel in the world.

Confucius warned parents to not allow their children to grow up to be soldiers or actors, the lowest of the low. By actors Confucius meant artists, marketplace clowns and storytellers in common language, the artists of the opera. The most common of the common people. Confucius had democratic principles but he was a snob. The Chinese loved him anyway Confucius was dead for centuries before Kwan Kung entered Chinese life through popular history and the people’s opera fashioned his mercurial nature into accord with Confucian thought.

Cameron House swept the Chinese of Chinatown San Francisco clean of real Chinese literature and sold San Francisco the story of stalwart Christian White Racists who wiped out the cruel Chinamen beating up the few Chinese women in town, for Chinese fun.

The turn of the Century myth of Cameron House goes, Donaldina Cameron ran the slimy Chinaman rats back to China, swinging an axe over her head. But their rancid Chinese Godless misogynist culture is still here. Beware! Christian zealot Donaldina Cameron has brainwashed generations of San Francisco Chinatown youth since 1889. The Christian might of Cameron House, Chung Mei Home for Chinese Boys, Mills Girl’s College, the hotbed of Social Darwinists at Stanford can’t be wrong! Beware! Jade Snow Wong cries, BEWARE! Maxine Hong Kingston cries and cries “BEWARE! BEWARE! A CHINAMAN IS AFTER ME! SAVE ME WHITE MAN! SAAAAVE ME! I’ll give you the secret of the ‘Forbidden stitch’ (I made it up. Wasn’t I clever?) The opera secret of cutting the frenum (the membrane connecting the underside of the tongue to the floor of the mouth) of future stars, at birth, is a practice I made up to offend the Confucian abhorrence of the very thought of mutilating the hair or skin of a newborn. Oh, the White feminists just loved it! And the secret of the ‘Fifth Book of Peace’ is: there are no ‘Books of Peace’ in Chinese literature! I fibbed. The Fifth Book of Peace is really the first! Cute, huh? And you bought it, you darling believer, you. Believe what I say is Chinese about my writing and we’ll get along just fine, White Man.”

Six generations of Christian Brainwashing later, it’s no surprise nobody Yellow in Frisco ever heard of a Chinese hero. To say nothing of Chinese children’s literature. Frisco doesn’t think it strange that the Chinese of San Francisco don’t know the literature of the Chinese childhood. Chinese-Americans in Frisco won’t read, they refuse to admit the real Chinese children’s stories and literature into their schools of the San Francisco Unified School District. San Francisco is a fanatically Christian town. Missionary Cameron House has been the voice of the Christian truth of Chinatown San Francisco since the Gay 90’s.

Between then and now Chinatowns good Christians have has lost the stories of Leong Hung Yuk and Mook Guiying and Far Mulan, Kwan Kung, Kwan Tak Hing. Christians have wiped out the Chinatown storyteller as too Chinese. Only the low artists of the people and place are conversant with the stories that made the place. I am one or more of the artists with a small “a” of the people and 224 places with a Chinatown throughout the west served by the Wells Fargo Express Co

No one notices the Yellow experts and curators of Asian American literature exalt the fake FIVE CHINESE BROTHERS and ban the real old and still told Chinese stories. Our representatives published, public, notorious in White news are all proxies, stand-ins for the phantom White racists that drive their hateful decisions against Asian content in Asian American history.

Gary Locke a Chinese American son of immigrants is the new Ambassador to China. What if he invites the Chinese Ambassador to the United States of America and his family and the staffs and their families to his home in Seattle for an evening of Chinese storytelling in America. And the feature of the evening is Kingston’s version of THE BALLAD OF MULAN with Ngawk Fei’s tattoos on her back?

Of course, Kingston’s fake would never be mistaken for the real in Gary Locke’s home. One reason why the former Governor of Washington State was appointed the Secretary of Commerce was he knew the difference between the real and the fake in Chinese storytelling.

He’s from Seattle the town where operas of heroic tradition fell on Chinatown like rain when was a kid through his term as King County Executive when the artistic soul of Cantonese opera in Seattle Lau Yuet Mun passed. The last of the soul of the opera in Seattle recently passed. Yellow Intellectuals and Yellow Whitefeminists closed in preaching the fake Mulan of Maxine Hong Kingston. Bill Clinton gave her the Humanities Medal of 1998 for “revealing the truth about Chinese-America” when he was President of the United States. There are Chinese that love the Presidential approval of an American rewrite of a Chinese children’s story as “the truth.” There are others around the world that shudder with anger at the President’s correcting Chinese literature. Where will the U.S. strike next? Will the US rewrite Hansel and Gretel because the President hates Hitler? Ask your Yellow selves what Gary Locke has to ask before his American tellings of Chinese children’s stories.

Locke goes east as the first Chinese American US Ambassador to China in interesting times.

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The Modelmaker

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