Sunday, August 26, 2018

Frank Chin at the Nisei Naysayer Book Signing

"Having studied assiduously the archival materials on WRA camps and painstakingly compiled an impressive oral historical record of pertinent participants and observers, [Frank] Chin is arguably the most knowledgeable person on draft resistance mounted from behind barbed wire."

- James Matsumoto Omura, Nisei Naysayer: The Memoir of Militant Japanese American Journalist Jimmie Omura (edited by Arthur Hansen), p. 149.

The following pictures were taken at the Japanese American National Museum regarding the book launch of Nisei Naysayer (buy your copy straight from the publisher here; Amazon link here).  Enjoy:

(Scholar and historian Arthur A. Hansen's opening remarks)

[Frank Chin and Irene Kuromiya (wife of the late Yosh Kuromiya) embrace]

(Hansen has Frank take a bow before the audience)

(Frank during the Q&A. Who asked that question?!)

(Frank, Irene and Arthur shaking hands)

For your interest, check out the following books:

Buy Nisei Naysayer here or here.
Born in the USA: A Story of Japanese America, 1889-1947 by Frank Chin
The Big Aiiieeeee! (read Come All Ye Asian American Writers of the Real and of the Fake) by Frank Chin

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